New Moon in virgo

The new moon in Virgo occurs on September 6th/7th and is going to be a great time to plant the seeds for the future and lay foundations. Virgo energy asks us to focus on our daily routines, health and career. We have some potent and chaotic energies at this new moon with an opposition between Mars and Neptune, the Sun and Neptune, Chiron and Mercury and the Moon and Jupiter which will ask us to focus our energy internally, diving into the receptive yin aspects that is Virgo instead of a reactive energy. You can find the video going into more detail about these aspects here.

With the volatile energies surrounding us throughout September (check out the monthly astrology overview here) It is the perfect time to pause and reflect and truly review what foundations you want to lay for your future. Detail orientated Virgo asks us to plan the steps but not get too bogged down with the critical side of things – if you are focusing on the flaws and faults without a proactive movement then you are focused on the wrong things for this moon.

We will feel the need to move forward, take action and jump ahead to the future goals but this new moon is calling us to come back to the mundane and remember that it is with each brick laid that the house can be built. This is the time to break down those future plans into an easy to navigate routine moving forward – a special interest in things that connect to our health and finanical situations as this is the perfect time to intitiate something new.

This month will be our peak month of 7 planets retrograde and this new moon is ushering in that energy, calling in the hermit mode – it is no coincidence that the hermit card is the card of Virgo in the tarot. We are needing to focus on our inner flame now, journey into the self to discover what we truly want – are we doing things out of habit and they are no longer in alignment with what we truly wish to achieve.

As Virgo rules the 6th house in astrology, this is the energy of the in between – the balance between the spiritual and the physical and we are asked to reflect on where we need to restore balance in our life within these aspects. Starting a new spiritual routine that is in alignment with your desires is perfect for this moon. This is a time to come into acceptance of who you are right now but also set in motion the plans and goals for who you would like to become.

Be careful this moon of becoming too critical of yourself and others, anxiety may be heightened and blunt communication may be taken the wrong way and cause more conflict than expected. Spring clean your environments to refresh the energy and cleanse your own aura to keep emotions stable. Happy new moon x


Full blue moon in Aquarius

The full moon in Aquarius that occurs on the 22nd of August is the second full moon to occur in the sign of Aquarius, making this moon a true blue moon. This energy, coming right off the back of the Uranus stationing retrograde and a potent month with the Leo new moon and Lionsgate portal. It is important to note that this moon will also be bringing back to the surface things that we did not face or work through in the first full moon that occured in July – you can find the blog for that one here.

The energy of this moon feels more free for all in some ways, with an anything can happen flare especially with that Uranus retrograde energy at the same time. Full moons in general are great times to release something, bring more insight and awareness to something you are working with or to tune into your higher self for downloads and information. This is the time of completion in the moon cycle – what was started at the new moon (in Leo which you can find the blog for that one here and how you have worked with the energy.

As we move out of the full moons influence into the waning moon, this is when we adjust, release and prepare for the new intentions, tweaks and goals for the next new moon. Aquarius energy asks us to think about the big picture, long term and how our energy influences humanity. This is also a potent energy to work on your hopes and dreams.

Is there something in your life that you have been trying to achieve? this is the time to release anything that is hindering you, be it mindsets, connections, habits etc and to realign yourself with your goals. As we shift from Leo season into Virgo season at this time, we are letting go of that slower, relaxing energy of the feline Leo and moving into a more grounded and structured energy of Virgo.

This is the perfect time to reflect on your daily habits, routines and health in conjuction with your goals and dreams that you wish to achieve as the combination of Aquarius and Virgo energy at this time can help you to release bad habits and begin new ones that will benefit you long term. There is a strong need to bring balance back into our lives right now between the spiritual and physical, action and inaction. There is a caution here to not be too critical on yourself though and take this time to forgive yourself and others to release any stagnant karmic energy and make way for something new.

If there was one mantra to keep in mind at this time it is release, release, release. Release what no longer serves, release attachments and the need to control, focus on where you want to go moving forward and how you can begin the next steps to get there. If you want to go deeper into the spiritual messages from this energy you can watch the full moon in Aquarius tarot reading here. Have a wonderful full moon everyone!


New Moon in Leo & lionsgate portal

This Leo new moon is occuring at the same time as the Lionsgate 8/8 portal and during the shadow period of Uranus going retrograde… talk about intense energy to say the least! The liongate portal occurs each year when Sirius aligns with the sun and is associated with spiritual activiations and downloads and from a mythological aspect there is a strong connection to the Goddess Isis and Osiris as Sirius is known as the Star of Isis and Orion is Osiris. This time was the Egyptian New Year and the time of the Nile rising bringing with it fertility and renewal. You can watch the in depth video for this energy here:

This Leo moon is the perfect one to instill us with a sense of confidence to go after our dream life! With those potent downloads from Sirius and the Sun – Leos ruler and this new moon occuring close to the planet of communication and wisdom, Mercury, who is aligned with expansive and luck bringing Jupiter – what ever you set out to achieve this new moon holds a lot of potential to be the life changing seeds we have been dreaming about.

It is important to note that there is a tense interaction between Saturn and Uranus playing out at this time and these two planets may make us feel impatient and impulsive, Saturn is asking us to think about the long term and ensure we are not just acting from the ego.

This Leo energy is perfect for those bold, romatic gestures or to relax and have fun in a social sense. You may also feel more creative at this time and your inner child will want to play – allow yourself some indulgence during this time.

There is a caution to look out for ego clashes at this time and with Saturn and Uranus in the mix if you have a disagreement with someone, try to take a step back and not engage in a stand off or argument as neither side will be able to see past their own feelings.

There may be a tendancy to want to engage in drama more or to lay about instead of getting on with things – this is key to find a good balance between work and play especially as this new moon begins a new 6 month cycle. Spend some time pampering yourself but also stick to some kind of routine to ensure you get the basic chores and necessary tasks complete so they dont pile up and become a mountainous task later.

Above all else this is a potent time to reflect and plant the seeds for your future and the goals and dreams you wish to manifest especially for those who wish to launch a creative project or be in the spotlight in some way. You can find the tarot reading for this new moon here:

Happy new moon in Leo everyone! May all your dreams come true xo


Full moon in Aquarius

This full moon in Aquarius will feel like a mixed emotional one as it is caught between Pluto and Saturn. The energy may feel a little harder than normal and this is the perfect time to continue with the self care routines you began during the emotional Cancer new moon at the beginning of the month. This full moon is the perfect one to release attachments, forgive and let go of what is no longer serving you whilst focusing on building stronger spiritual routines and connecting with your higher self.

Mercury will be super active during this time and harmonising with Neptune, further enhancing the spirituality of this full moon and activities such as yoga, meditation, chanting and journaling will be very beneficial.

The general energy of the collective will feel more social and humanitarian, ideas related to the whole will come to the forefront such as politics, human rights, environment and a general want to socialise however it will not be particularly intimate so it is best to avoid having those deep and meaningful conversations at this time.

This is an analytical moon where we will be more prone to looking at our place in our community, family and social groups and how these too have an affect on our own life. We can be more capable of working in harmony with others at this time but can also become more stubborn about our opinions and theories.

In the romance department this is a time to keep things light hearted and fun, socialise with each other’s friendship groups to gain more insight into each other or ask broader questions such as topics such as politics, spiritual path, hopes and dreams etc but do not engage in conflict about who is right or wrong.

This is a great time to network, reach out to new clients and new communities. Join a new yoga class or have a coffee or lunch date with co-workers. Team Building exercises are great within the work environment or hiring a new staff member. This is the ideal time to pitch new ideas, campaign socialise over dinner or attend trivia nights.

This energy encourages us to live by our inner philosophy and morals, perhaps to re-establish new ones and share ideas with others – be cautious not to tell others they are wrong however. We are more open minded at this time and curious about new perspectives and ideas.

Watch out for being too disconnected to the world around you and your connections to others, a feeling of righteousness and getting too caught up in our own philosophy, remembering to have empathy towards others and their beliefs, being too challenging on debating beliefs or opinions, looking too far into the future that we fail to see the present moment including any hurt feelings, needs and excitement of yourself and others around us and being too experimental – don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!


New moon in Cancer

The new moon in Cancer will be highlighting our emotional self and our connections to family and significant others. This moon is also harmonising with dreamy Neptune and there is a harmonious connection between Venus and Mars making this moon the perfect time to focus on nurturing our intimate connections with those we love – family, friends and lovers as well as ourselves.

If you are wanting to manifest some love in your life or a greater sense of commitment and intimacy within your home environment, this is the perfect moon to do so! Don’t just write something down and forget about it, turn this into an affirmation you repeat for this moon cycle and really feel yourself in that reality. 

This moon may make you feel like you want to rest and retreat into your shell more, spending more time nurturing your inner self and indulging in comfort foods. You may not understand your emotions during this moon and that’s ok, just roll with them and allow yourself to feel whatever comes to the surface without judgement. Pay attention to the body language of those around you as our bodies will communicate more than our words can at this time and your intuition will also be heightened.

In the romance department, try to avoid suggestions or advice that can come across as sounding like criticism as we are all feeling more vulnerable and sensitive. This is a time to interact in ways that are sweet and tender, cuddles and comforts such as cozy nights in with comfort foods and a good movie are best to create and nurture those connections.

This is also a good moon to do some inner reflection and see what it is that you hunger for… is it love, connection, deeper spirituality? Go deeper again and see what emotions are driving this need and how you can cultivate this in your life using intentions from this moon. Connect in deep with the earth who is the archetypal mother and in turn the energy of Cancer and the 4th house. Examine your connections to the mother archetype and the divine feminine, are you in balance or is there healing that needs to be done? How can you nurture yourself more?

Working with the root chakra and sacral chakras will be highly beneficial this moon to ground into the earth and to allow emotions to flow. Meditate and see where you can develop a deeper connection to your spiritual practice. Stay hydrated during this moon and focus on your inner sanctuary.

Things to watch out for: Mood swings and a general feeling of being “crabby” or cranky can be heightened as we feel more vulnerable. You may also find this filters into a stronger feeling of neediness if you are emotionally uncentred and this is when root chakra work will be extra beneficial. B cautious of overeating or under eating in response to emotional turmoil and feeling overly self conscious about who we are and how we look. Codependency will also be highlighted during this moon.

Astrology Monthly Plant Medicine

July Monthly Plant Medicine ~ Hibiscus

Hello my loves and welcome to the month of July! How are you all feeling after this intense energy that June brought in for us? We had eclipses, retrogrades, super moons and the solstice – a big month indeed. We are officially shifting into the second half of 2021 and to usher us into this time is the Queen of the tropics ~ Hibiscus. the Hibiscus represents beauty and happiness and she is asking us to reconnect to ourselves, express our joy and be in the moment. When we pause to look at all the beauty that is around us we shift our energy into one that is more open and receptive and this in turn allows us to receive more abundance from the universe.

Astrologically speaking we are now in Cancer season which asks us to reconnect in with the emotional body as well as the divine feminine principles. We have a new moon in the sign of Cancer on July 9th which is opposite transformative Pluto who is currently retrograde in Capricorn – the divine masculine energy of the zodiac causing us to evaluate how we see the masculine energy within us all and harmonizing with dreamy Neptune who is retrograding through the depths of his home sign of Pisces. Venus and Mars are on good terms and conjunct each other at this time, bringing a time of harmony within our relationships.

This energy will ask us to slow down and connect in with the emotional body and what we truly desire to create, the art of manifestation comes from a strong connection to the emotional body and when we are out of alignment, this can make things difficult to manifest. You can find the full break down of the July astrology here.

Hibiscus is connecting in with us this month to help us reconnect to our inner desires and sense of happiness. She is calling us to review what is no longer in alignment and what drives our emotions – are we truly walking a path that is what our heart is calling us to do or are we walking that path of action and duty that doesn’t light us up any more?

July will be a time for introspection as well as connection to the world around us, the relationships with others and the way we connect in with ourselves. Do we judge ourselves harshly? Do we see the beauty or the flaws? This month will be one that asks us to focus on the beauty in all things and find gratitude for what we have and in turn become receptive to more.

Pay attention to signs of seeing this flower either in nature, on your news feed, in the products you buy or or spoken about around you as this is a moment where she is gently reminding you to check in with your emotions and to be present and notice any forms of beauty around you. Have a wonderful July everyone.

xo Elizabeth

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Working With the Moon Phases

We know that the moon influences the tide, fishermen know that the phase of the moon will dictate the kind of catch you can get and gardeners who use a moon calendar will tell you that a garden will be that much stronger and more productive if you plant according to the moon. When we work with the moon, more often than not people only pay attention to the full moon – perhaps this is because it is so bright in the sky that even the most unspiritual of us cannot help but look up in awe at the beauty of the moon. It is common even today for people to say “It must be a full moon” when people are acting strange and it is in fact where the term lunacy and lunatic came from – a term for diseases that were thought to be caused by the moon. For astrologers, the moon phases are key components to astrology and can influence our day to day lives. From a personal perspective, the moon influences our emotions and for women, our reproductive cycles mimic that of the moon and for everyone the moon can be a powerful ally in achieving the goals you wish and making life decisions.

The moon has approximately a 28 day cycle around the earth with different “phases” that she goes through. We will now take a look at each phase and how you can work with them.

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The moon cycle starts with of course the new moon – the second most common aspect that we hear of today. At this phase, the moon is actually a tiny sliver of light in the sky, barely noticeable though many may think it is completely dark – this is not the case as that is a phase unto itself. It is the time when the moon is “rebirthing” in the sky, this is time that we can plant the seeds of new beginnings, and it is the clean slate for us to begin again with new intentions. The added benefit for working with this moon can be using the astrological component or what star sign the moon is at this stage to look at which aspect of your life is best to work with these new beginnings. This is time to dream big, visualise success and put down the actions that you will take in order to achieve your goals.

The next phase is the waxing crescent moon and is between 3 – 7 days after the new moon. This is the time to explore the dreams that you have put into place at the time of the new moon. Start putting your plans into action, review the dreams you committed to at the new moon and watch the energy build with momentum. This is the taking the first step, having faith in yourself and moving forward. Trusting that it will come to fruition and really push through. This is when you start to build the habits needed in order to make it through.

Next we have the first quarter moon and this is between 7 – 10 days after the new moon. This is when your challenges will start to come into play, your strength to keep going is going to be tested and doubts may begin to creep into your mind. Your commitment to your goal needs to be strong now as it will be tested and it is also a good time to see if you are still feeling just as hyped or excited about your goal as you were at the time of the new moon. Review that now and see if you are still wanting to continue or if it is becoming just another chore because if your heart is not in it, you will not succeed and it is best to let go and move onto another goal, though pay attention to what it is that you are truly feeling because these doubts may just be a test that you need to overcome, issues coming to light that will hold you back if you do not address them at this point.

Now we move into the gibbous phase of the moon 10 – 15 days after the new moon, this is the time to review what is working and what isn’t, make the necessary adjustments to your course of action and if some habits have slipped – get back into them now while the moon is still in the “growing” or attracting stage. Watch your patience, especially if you don’t see results yet because patience is needed.

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Everybody’s favourite – Full moon phase! 15 – 18 days after the new moon. This is make or break time, the time you will start to see results or have your goal completely manifest into reality. Emotions will run high so if it is a long term goal, makes sure you are checking in with yourself to keep your emotions balanced and use this time to illuminate any potential setbacks and release and let go. Ensure you work with forgiveness as well, forgiveness for yourself and others especially if you decided at earlier on in the phases to let go of this goal.

Disseminating moon – 3 – 7 days after the full moon, this is a time to relax, review what you have learnt, what worked for you and what didn’t. Share your knowledge with others if needed or journal the lessons in order to reflect on when you set intentions again for the next cycle.

Third quarter moon – 7 – 10 days after the full moon, a time of crossroads. Look back at where you came from and see how far you have come. Conflicts and emotions that arise now will hold valuable insight to emotions that may have been hindering your progress. If you did achieve your goal this is the time to celebrate it. A time to bring balance back to the energy and recoup your strength and have trust in the process and the lessons learned. This is the acceptance for what has occurred phase.

Balsamic moon – 10 days after the full moon until the new moon, a time for healing and soothing. If things did not go to plan, this is the time for self-care and emotional healing. If things did work out, now the celebration is over it is time to regroup and replenish your energies. This is the time to let go. Just before the new moon – the 48 hours before the new moon occurs is seen as the dark of the moon. This is a time for self-reflection and inner work, not action. Use this time to review all you have learnt through the cycle and emotionally prepare yourself for the beginning of the next. Journaling is great for this. You can, if you feel it is beneficial, make a list or organise your intentions for the new moon.

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As you can see the moon phases are extremely powerful to work with from a practical every day sense with goals and also great to review for our emotional and mental wellbeing. When you add the energy of working with astrological star signs too, this can add more depth and layers to the energy you are working with – taking note of what star sign the moon phase is in will show you more highlighted energies that suit that of the star sign for example and earth sign such as Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo would be good energy to work with materialistic aspects such as money or career pursuits, you can then break this down further by using say, the routine loving energy of Virgo to work with creating a new diet regime or exercise routine.

Within the 28 day cycle of the moon there is an additional cycle that many do not realise they can work with and this is the 6 month cycle of new moon in a particular star sign to the full moon in the same star sign – this occurs every 6 months and is an additional benefit to work with. For example this would be beginning something at the new moon in Gemini and then working with the same energy you see above but on a monthly scale – leading to the full moon Gemini which would occur in 6 months’ time. This is a great option to do if you are working on larger projects or goals.

See below a video i recently completed of working magic with the moon

Working with the energy of the moon is just another way that we can help to gain more control in the influences of our daily lives and take charge in our goals and dreams.

Love and Light


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A crash course in basic Astrology

Astrology – science or fiction? Throughout history humans have looked to the sky for answers on the past, present and future. Astrology is one of the limbs of this and though many do not believe in astrology and put it down to mumbo jumbo, others base their whole lives around the stars. Indeed the ancient rulers of our world would make decisions based on what was written in the stars, destinies were written at the time of birth of new royal children and matters of state would be dictated by favorable moments in the sky.

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Whether you believe in astrology or not, you have more than likely picked up a horoscope article to read the predictions for your week or month ahead, maybe even felt that it resonated for you a little bit before going about your day. When we talk of astrology the first thing that comes to mind is horoscopes – more to the point your star sign or, where the sun was situated in the sky at your time of birth, but astrology is far more complicated and in depth than just a star sign and horoscope. Some people dedicate years of their life to understanding the ins and outs of astrology and what makes up this art of reading the sky. Astrology on a personal level is a snap shot of time at the moment you are born. This is called a birth chart and it does not just detail where the sun was at your time of birth, but layers where each planet was, where the moon was and many other details. It can show you the inner workings of your personality, your potential, your weaknesses and how you will live your life. On a day to day basis, where each planet is at that current time, where the sun and moon are situated in the sky all play a part in the subtle energy around us and influences on our home planet.

For the sake of keeping this blog post simple and to cover the basics of astrology I will only go into the common areas we come up against – this is the major constellations, planets, the sun and moon signs and retrogrades.  When we look at the major constellations these are what we also know as our star sign or sun sign. They are Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Now they each deserve their own detailed history that I won’t go into here as they have stories behind their names and their meanings. From a personal and astrological point of view, these are what people mean when they commonly ask you “what sign are you?” or “what is your star sign?” and this is dictated by the constellation that the sun was in from our perspective here on earth on the day you were born. All these signs have particular traits and personality types. The sun sign is your personality and how your ego relates to and deals with the world. Now some people may be born on what is called a cusp and this means that they are on the cross over dates from one sign to another and this can mean they can take on the traits of the neighbouring sign.

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Your moon sign is calculated using your time and location of birth as well as the date and then corresponding to that it is what constellation the moon is in at this time. The moon sign governs your emotions and your inner world, how you reflect internally and emotionally handle things. A great tip when reading horoscopes is to read both your star sign and your moon sign to get a better understanding of the horoscope energy surrounding you.

When we look at planets – the planets within astrology are Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Mercury. Now we also know that Ceres and Charon have been added into this too and due to astronomy downgrading Pluto, there is a lot of different opinions around what a planet is and what is not though I am going to keep things simple here and refer to the most widely accepted terms. Within each constellation they will have a “ruling planet” that governs the star sign and imparts its energy. In history our planets were seen as the gods or goddesses more often than not so they took on the personality traits of these beings. For example – Venus is the goddess of love and beauty and one of the constellations she rules over is Taurus – who are very likely to be fond of love, sensual energy and luxury or Mars – known as the god of war and he rules over Aries who can be known to have a hot temper.

Because we have the planets as additional celestial objects with influence in the sky and everything is constantly moving with the gravitational pull and going through cycles, astrology looks at the movement of these planets as well as the sun and moon in the sky from our vantage point on Earth.

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So as the moon and sun make their trips through different constellations, so too do the planets. The moon goes through monthly phases which also have an influence and I will go into the moon cycles on a separate post and the sun goes through a yearly rotation as we know this with the modern calendar. Planets are all moving around the sun as we know through science and astronomy and the sun is technically stationary and it is in fact earth that circles the sun, from our point it looks as though the planets and the sun are moving around us. The reason for this very brief and very loose science and astronomy lesson is to help you to understand what a retrograde is in the astrology world and what they mean.

A retrograde is when the planets seemingly move backward in the sky. This is actually due to the planet being in closer proximity to Earth and Earth passing or being passed by the other planets. It is similar to that sensation you may get in the car at traffic lights when someone takes off and for a split second you feel as though you are going backwards. There are actually more complicated paths that the planets take through the sky but we don’t need to go into that detail.

Because most of the time a planet is moving forward or as the term is in astrology – direct, a retrograde is looked at as important because of the more “rare” occurrence, though in reality around 80 percent of the time we have a planet in retrograde. The most widely accepted belief is the more common a planet goes retrograde – the more likely we are to feel its effects and this is why you have probably heard of mercury retrograde season as mercury goes retrograde often. Retrogrades are mostly seen as disruptive, they bring out the stagnant energy and the sometimes more negative aspects of the planets traits.

So you can see here that looking at just a star sign or just where the sun or moon is on any given day is truly only giving you an overview and that there is so much more to take into consideration. This is really just the tip of the astrological iceberg when you look at how much information is out there and how much there is to learn as the sky itself is really, limitless and this practice has been around for thousands of years and will continue to be around for just as long as humans seek to understand our relationship with the cosmos.

Love and Light


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