New moon in Cancer

The new moon in Cancer will be highlighting our emotional self and our connections to family and significant others. This moon is also harmonising with dreamy Neptune and there is a harmonious connection between Venus and Mars making this moon the perfect time to focus on nurturing our intimate connections with those we love – family, friends and lovers as well as ourselves.

If you are wanting to manifest some love in your life or a greater sense of commitment and intimacy within your home environment, this is the perfect moon to do so! Don’t just write something down and forget about it, turn this into an affirmation you repeat for this moon cycle and really feel yourself in that reality. 

This moon may make you feel like you want to rest and retreat into your shell more, spending more time nurturing your inner self and indulging in comfort foods. You may not understand your emotions during this moon and that’s ok, just roll with them and allow yourself to feel whatever comes to the surface without judgement. Pay attention to the body language of those around you as our bodies will communicate more than our words can at this time and your intuition will also be heightened.

In the romance department, try to avoid suggestions or advice that can come across as sounding like criticism as we are all feeling more vulnerable and sensitive. This is a time to interact in ways that are sweet and tender, cuddles and comforts such as cozy nights in with comfort foods and a good movie are best to create and nurture those connections.

This is also a good moon to do some inner reflection and see what it is that you hunger for… is it love, connection, deeper spirituality? Go deeper again and see what emotions are driving this need and how you can cultivate this in your life using intentions from this moon. Connect in deep with the earth who is the archetypal mother and in turn the energy of Cancer and the 4th house. Examine your connections to the mother archetype and the divine feminine, are you in balance or is there healing that needs to be done? How can you nurture yourself more?

Working with the root chakra and sacral chakras will be highly beneficial this moon to ground into the earth and to allow emotions to flow. Meditate and see where you can develop a deeper connection to your spiritual practice. Stay hydrated during this moon and focus on your inner sanctuary.

Things to watch out for: Mood swings and a general feeling of being “crabby” or cranky can be heightened as we feel more vulnerable. You may also find this filters into a stronger feeling of neediness if you are emotionally uncentred and this is when root chakra work will be extra beneficial. B cautious of overeating or under eating in response to emotional turmoil and feeling overly self conscious about who we are and how we look. Codependency will also be highlighted during this moon.

Astrology Monthly Plant Medicine

July Monthly Plant Medicine ~ Hibiscus

Hello my loves and welcome to the month of July! How are you all feeling after this intense energy that June brought in for us? We had eclipses, retrogrades, super moons and the solstice – a big month indeed. We are officially shifting into the second half of 2021 and to usher us into this time is the Queen of the tropics ~ Hibiscus. the Hibiscus represents beauty and happiness and she is asking us to reconnect to ourselves, express our joy and be in the moment. When we pause to look at all the beauty that is around us we shift our energy into one that is more open and receptive and this in turn allows us to receive more abundance from the universe.

Astrologically speaking we are now in Cancer season which asks us to reconnect in with the emotional body as well as the divine feminine principles. We have a new moon in the sign of Cancer on July 9th which is opposite transformative Pluto who is currently retrograde in Capricorn – the divine masculine energy of the zodiac causing us to evaluate how we see the masculine energy within us all and harmonizing with dreamy Neptune who is retrograding through the depths of his home sign of Pisces. Venus and Mars are on good terms and conjunct each other at this time, bringing a time of harmony within our relationships.

This energy will ask us to slow down and connect in with the emotional body and what we truly desire to create, the art of manifestation comes from a strong connection to the emotional body and when we are out of alignment, this can make things difficult to manifest. You can find the full break down of the July astrology here.

Hibiscus is connecting in with us this month to help us reconnect to our inner desires and sense of happiness. She is calling us to review what is no longer in alignment and what drives our emotions – are we truly walking a path that is what our heart is calling us to do or are we walking that path of action and duty that doesn’t light us up any more?

July will be a time for introspection as well as connection to the world around us, the relationships with others and the way we connect in with ourselves. Do we judge ourselves harshly? Do we see the beauty or the flaws? This month will be one that asks us to focus on the beauty in all things and find gratitude for what we have and in turn become receptive to more.

Pay attention to signs of seeing this flower either in nature, on your news feed, in the products you buy or or spoken about around you as this is a moment where she is gently reminding you to check in with your emotions and to be present and notice any forms of beauty around you. Have a wonderful July everyone.

xo Elizabeth

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Awakening Blog

Reclaiming the Soul

This is my first official “normal” blog I guess you could say. I have never actually done a blog in the traditional sense, talking about daily life and I am both excited and nervous at the same time as many people have always read my content for the information aspect and there is always that little bit of self doubt that comes from not knowing if people truly do want to know about your thoughts or life. A word of caution – I am a writer and when I begin to write about something I am passionate about, I can write a lot so get comfortable, I have no idea where this blog will end 🙂 All photos in this blog are my own that I share with you to help inspire and rouse your own soul.

This is going to be a little insight into the past week and show you the simple things that I have been enjoying – the very things that I had been neglecting in my life. The spiritual path can often be riddled with a need to do more, learn more, be better, grow deeper into your spirituality and yet it is this very aspect that can pull you further away from finding your peace and authenticity and this is the self discovery that I have made over these past few months while going through my own transitions.

A blackbirds nest in the berry archway

In my last blog I mentioned that I will be sharing more of my world to inspire others and to show the other aspects of myself and that begins today. This week has been a strong focus on getting back into my garden. Gardening has been a part of my life since I was a child. I have always loved to be outside wondering the land looking for faerie doors and interacting with the wildlife. I have always planted things in every place I lived, leaving behind a piece of myself in the earth each time I moved on. I liked to feel like an earth goddess spreading joy and love via plants!

I am someone who loves a mixture of edible, medicinal and fragrant gardens that have a wild and untamed aspect to them and this is what I have achieved within my own. We began our life in this home in September 2014 and when we purchased this home the garden was non existent – a weedy long tangle of grass in winter and a dry dust bowl in the summer – the only living things were the large gumtree in the back corner that i affectionately call grandmother gumtree, a couple of native bottle brush plants along the other back fence and a random bush that the dog eventually killed when he was a puppy.

Over the years it has been trial and error, blood sweat and tears and I know have the vision of the wild, secret garden that I always wanted. It is still and ever evolving landscape especially with having chickens like mine who eat and destroy everything! At last count we had topped over 40 fruit trees, not including the grape vines or passionfruit. The garden has an abundance of wildlife and is its own ecosystem now.

This past year I had neglected the garden a bit, only doing the necessary things to maintain it and a half ditched attempt at growing vegetables, my focus had been on other things like spiritual pursuits and trying to work through my own emotional changes and feelings – I blame my Saturn Return for this lol. I had made the decision when the first round of covid-19 hit in March that I needed to spend more time in my garden, though during that time with 3 months of not working my “day job” I ended up launching my online business Awaken Spirit which took a lot of time and energy as this too went through many trials and errors as I found my footing.

a honey bee on the feverfew

With my focus solely on my tarot readings, astrology, study of different topics to help with spiritual life coaching, other aspects of myself were again pushed to the side. I spent one entire week re-writing my first manuscript after I had received feedback from a publisher and then my writing was put on the back burner once that was complete, I had planted out a couple of winter garden beds in the veggie patch that ended up becoming healthy but neglected and my entire world revolved around tarot readings, more tarot readings, content creation for my newly launched youTube channel and you guessed it more tarot readings!

Now don’t get me wrong I love doing readings but I started to realise that neglecting the other aspects of myself was beginning to eat away at my very soul and leaving me feeling empty so I tried to just add them into my ever growing schedule – by now I was back at work so my time was limited but I felt schedules, to do lists and time management would be the key to success like every other entrepreneur out there, but what I was forgetting was the parts of myself that need to be free to create and simply be. I started to crave freedom more and more, unsure of what that freedom even meant other than wanting to work for myself within my own business full time and this meant I just had to work harder and harder, push more and more and this of course burnt me out even more, exasperating the issues.

fresh youngberries picked from one of the berry archways

I am sharing this because I want to show the insight that just because we pursue a spiritual path, does not mean that we cannot fall into the same kind of traps that you do in the “mundane” or as many in our community would say, the “3D” world. This is not a dark night of the soul or part of the awakening process, no. This comes after and is something far less intense and yet even deeper and more powerful. In many ways it is a kind of rebirth of the self, a time when we truly begin to find our truth, our authenticity and reclaim who we are at the core. It is when we heal the wounds that are self inflicted and deep into our ancestral roots, it is when we discover those lost soul fragments of ourselves that have been lost over life times and even voluntarily sacrificed for things we believed were more valuable. It is the time we forge our own path and decide to step into our true identity with a sense of self compassion. I am going to coin this time the “Reclaiming”, I have no idea if this is a term in existence but that is what I see it as.

For those who understand the astrological aspects of our life this can be seen as the first Saturn return that occurs for people sometime between 26 – 32 depending on your personal birth chart and perhaps one day I will do an entire blog explaining this time. It is now, in the depths of myself and in my own cocoon that I finally decided that to truly embrace my spirituality I must first embrace all the aspects of myself.

my home made birthday cake with flowers and berries from the garden

This past week has been chaotic to say the least. Here in South Australia we went into an extreme lockdown due to a covid outbreak that commenced on the day of my 30th birthday, this lockdown was meant to last 6 days but was called off early after more information came to light. In Australia we are very lucky that we are relatively covid free compared to the rest of the world and out health authorities do a great job of getting on top of any outbreaks that may occur, especially here in South Australia.

So during this time with having my birthday to myself as my husband was an essential worker so I truly did have the day to myself, I allowed myself to simply be for the first time in a long time. There was guilt in the beginning of course but that faded as I embraced the things I love – creating. I spent the day in my garden, meditating and doing yoga, working with the cards for myself only, baking, taking photos and thinking of aspects within my story and what I want to write. I will share the vlog I created for those who are interested in following along.

This was the first time I felt truly at peace within my own mind. It felt right. Complete. It is this simplicity that my soul craves and the tranquility of being alone but not lonely. That is the hardest things we can learn – the art of being solitary and it is within these moments that I truly feel my most spiritual. I love that in this modern age I can connect with people all over the world and share the things that bring me joy, while still maintaining that solitary aspect that my soul so greatly desires.

the link to my birthday vlog

Humans are social creatures society tells us, we need connection and interaction and while this is true to some degree, we often forget that no matter what we are interconnected to the entire world around us and being alone does not mean we must be lonely, especially within society today. We can maintain connection with likeminded people while still discovering ourselves and for those who are not quite introverts or extroverts but something a little in between, I want to say this – I see you, I feel you and I understand you. It is ok to be alone, it is ok not to want the things society tells us we should want and it is ok to dream. Dreams are the longings and desires of our soul and if we stamp out the dreams, we are in fact fragmenting our soul by choice so, today if there is anything you take from reading this glimpse into my world, begin to reclaim those dreams and find your own rhythm in this world because that is the life you are meant to live.

Thank you to those who decided to read to the very end.

Much love,

Elizabeth xo

Awakening Blog

Seasonal Shifts and Change ~ UPDATES for Awaken Spirit!

Hello all my beautiful readers! It has been a little while since I have made a post and today I wish to announce an update on my blog and website – if you haven’t checked out the website yet, please do head on over to see it as I have completely changed everything in line with this next chapter of my journey.

Since I first launched this blog and my website I have made a few minor changes here and there as I found my feet within the spiritual community and I focused mostly on delivering informative content in conjunction with my YouTube channel to deliver regular readings to people. However I found that through needing to express my creativity I began to separate myself into different places, creating different platforms for my writing and my photography to separate them from my spiritual content however, these are all integral parts of my own spiritual self and journey.

My first reason for creating my own online business and content was to help share the spiritual journey and to inspire others on their own journey and I realize now that I was not being true to myself by keeping these aspects of myself in different boxes. So, from here on out I will be bringing a more personal touch to this community, sharing general blogs within my own journey as well as the informational content that I have been sharing. I guess you could say I will be removing the masks and showing you who I truly am.

I will also begin to feature my photography and my writing within this blog more as well, as my spiritual self is so deeply tied into the creative side. So, thank you for reading this brief update, I look forward to being more real and personal with you all and discovering your own spiritual journey. I will share a few of my recent video vlogs from YouTube below to give you a bit of a glimpse of what to expect with the more personal approach I wish to take.

Much Love,

Elizabeth xoxo


Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

In the last blog we explored what a spiritual awakening was and how to define it.  In this blog we will explore what kind of symptoms you may be experiencing during a spiritual awakening. FINE PRINT – I am not a licensed physician so as always, use your own judgement and always see a doctor if you are concerned.

First let’s explore some of the physical symptoms that may occur. You may begin to experience things such as:

  • Food intolerances
  • Changes in sleep patterns (insomnia or needing to sleep more)
  • Vivid dreams
  • Dizziness – this is a result of not being grounded
  • Weight change ( excessive loss or gaining of weight)
  • Eating habits and preferences – you may no longer enjoy things you always have liked
  • Fluctuations in energy ( being super energised and then low in energy)
  • Sex drive (decreasing or increasing)
  • Decreased immune function – this will eventually lead to an increased “super” immune system
  • Low grade infections or ailments that won’t go away
  • Physical aches and pains “growing pains”
  • Digestive issues
  • Flu – like symptoms
  • Faster hair and nail growth
  • Heart palpitations
  • Brain fogginess
  • Hot flushes
  • Skin eruptions ( such as acne, eczema or dermatitis)
  • Looking younger or more youthful  
  • Activity on the top of the head near the crown chakra and third eye (buzzing, pressure etc)
  • Rapid eye movement
  • Twitches or muscle jerks and spasms
  • Heat in the back of the neck
  • Chronic illness
  • Sensation between the shoulder blades – as though wings are unfolding

Now let’s explore some other symptoms that are more lifestyle and spiritual in energy. You may begin to feel things or experience things such as:

  • Feeling more drawn to nature
  • Aversion to negative people or behaviours
  • A strong desire for a unified community
  • Feeling all life is sacred (including bugs eg. you may save them instead of spraying them)
  • Living more in the moment
  • Sudden waves of intense emotions
  • Becoming more introverted
  • A strong sense of something “impending” but nothing happening
  • Memories resurfacing – including past lives
  • Higher rates of electrical and mechanical malfunctions
  • Old wounds resurfacing (emotional) this is linked to shadow work
  • A strong desire for closure of the past and to face your shadow

These symptoms are by no means the only ones that may occur though they are some of the most common. Remembering that spiritual awakenings happen more than once as we go through life stages and spiritual journeys, understanding where these symptoms are linked to this journey can better help you to acknowledge and work through them while managing them correctly.

I hope this list has helped to give you some clarity into things that you may be experiencing yourself, before I finish this I just want to make one quick announcement, I have officially launched my sister site – The Wild Witch in the Forest, this site is where I will be sharing my writing, photography and the occasional witchy subjects. You can follow this link to check it out!

Much love,



What is a Spiritual Awakening?

The term “spiritual awakening” seems to be a new buzz word within the spiritual community, much like when kale made its appearance in the mainstream health and wellness section a few years ago. But do you truly know what the term means and how does it apply to you? Is it a mystical experience reserved for the psychic elite or is it just a fancy term for walking the spiritual path?

In this next blog series I will be exploring what spiritual awakening means, how you can identify a spiritual awakening and then we will delve deeper into the spiritual psyche through understanding the ego and what shadow work is and how they all link together.

We kick off this series with a run down on spiritual awakening and understanding the term and how it can mean many different things to different people depending on your personal experiences, the community you are within and what resonates for you. It is in fact this very journey that inspired the name of my business – because I wanted to help as many people as I could on their own journey to awakening to the divine spirit that is within us all.

Photo by cottonbro on

Spiritual awakening can often be called “spiritual enlightenment”, “enlightenment”, “nirvana”, or simply “awakening”, though these terms are not the only ones out there. Depending on the community you are within they may all mean the same thing or they may all mean something different.

It can be hard to pin point just exactly what spiritual awakening is because these terms are widely used by many people. In many ways as the experience is such a personal and individualised one, only the individual can truly understand what it is to them.

When we think of enlightened or spiritually awakened people we may think of the “perfect” ones such as the Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi or even Jesus and that in order to be classified as awakened we must be as perfect as these individuals when in fact the opposite is true. We can be awakened or enlightened and still have flaws.

We then come to understanding the difference between all of these terms and for the sake of this blog and my own personal views on this, I will explain it as follows: spiritual awakening is the first step and we can go through many different stages of awakening, enlightenment is in some ways the end result or the final destination, a particular level of realisation. So from here on in I will use the term awakened.

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To put it simply, to “awaken” spiritually can be seen as the sudden (or in some cases not so sudden) expansion or shift in consciousness, that you are no longer living in a dream world so to speak and you are aware of something greater, bigger than yourself, the ego self (or the singular “I” identification) drifts away and your higher self begins to arise.

You see through the illusions of the world and see the emptiness in chasing the external calls for happiness that stem from the ego self, things such as money, fame or material satisfaction – this does not mean on the spiritual path you can no longer want these things, but you do so from a different perspective and understanding that they will not provide you the happiness or fulfilment you are seeking because what you are seeking only lies within.

You begin to question your old beliefs, habits and social conditionings and you begin to ask the deepest and most significant questions that the ego self was too scared to ask – questions like why am I here? Why do good people suffer? What is my purpose? And other questions that examine the fundamental nature of life itself. It is in a way, the shedding of old knowledge and conditioned beliefs and coming to the realisation that there is more to life than we have been taught.

So in this way we can see that the process of awakening is not about possessing knowledge or something ‘more’ than the “unawake” people – which sadly is so often seen within spiritual communities and it is worn like an elitist badge which in many ways means that the individual is still coming from a place of ego self and has much more awakening to do within themselves. To be awake is simply removing the shackles that keep you blind to what you already have within you.

This too means that the spiritual awakening cannot be defined by any one person for another – what is true for me may not be true for you and so on, due to the individual outlooks we have on life and it can happen at any time that is right for the individual. It is for this reason that I say when you believe you are experiencing an awakening yourself, seek as much knowledge from as many different people and take everything with a grain of salt because every person experiences it differently and if you find yourself being told that you are wrong or that it must be a particular way – run as far away as possible from that person because they are only going to make you feel more confused.

Often the awakening can happen either spontaneously such as through traumatic experiences though this does not mean you must have trauma in order to have an awakening, it can occur slowly and as a process through your own self-discovery.

Some things that are common no matter how the process starts for people is the feeling of being extremely lonely, alienated and lost, especially if you are around others who do not understand what you are going through. This is where finding communities can help in order to share experiences and have support from others because once you come out the other side it is an extremely rewarding path to walk and you will never stop learning. This is why I say you can have many different stages, because you never stop learning and as you become more equipped on your path, the more knowledge becomes available to you. The deeper you go into exploring yourself, the more stages of awakening you experience.

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I want to finish with giving you a few examples of some well-known people who can be classified as awakened in order to show you that they are still human and still have flaws. You can look at people such as Oprah, Jim Carey, Russell Brand or Eckhart Tolle to name a few and you can perhaps read up on their journeys into becoming awakened to see what it was that pushed them into the world of the awakened.

In the next blog I will explore the common signs and symptoms you may experience during an awakening in order to help you navigate your way through this path and begin to make sense of it all.

Love and Light



Element of Fire

The element of fire is one of transformation, spiritual power and immortality of spirit. It is seen as the rarest of the elements and most difficult to control. Fire rules our passion, strength, activity, blood and life force.  It is an element for purifying and protection as it consumes impurities and gives us courage, independence determination, creativity, enlightenment and potency.

Fire lacks a physical existence until it comes into contact with another element for combustion and it is also extinguished by other elements. Fire can be seen in lightening, deserts, volcanoes and stars and it closely links to our solar plexus energy.

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The correspondences for fire are the direction of south, the moon phase of the full moon, the season of summer with the time of day being midday. Its colour is red and has the qualities of warm and dry, in modern science this is seen as the plasma state.

The magical tools represented by fire are the wand or sword depending on the tradition you follow. The best way to represent fire on your altar is through the use of candles. The zodiac signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The animals seen as representative are dragons, lions, salamanders, phoenix and all clawed creatures. This element is seen as a masculine one.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

The elementals that govern fire are called the salamanders. They embody the fiery principle of pure, fearless, unrestrained will. They are the expression of all consuming passion of raw spirit. The salamanders explore all aspects of fire – from the magma at earth’s core to the lightning bolts in the sky. They seek to connect to the secret fire that lies at the heart of all things in the natural world. They are the most highly charged and dangerous of the elemental spirits and to commune with them is to risk total destruction of the self. As such they must be approached with the utmost respect and only when you are ready – any unresolved fears or emotions can combust like gasoline within their presence – negativity is fuel to their fire and this can cause you more harm than good if you are not prepared for this integration.

The deities that are represented through fire are Amit, Sekhmet, Ra, Amun, Hestia, Vesta, Brigid, Vulcan and Girda. To see how you can add the magic of fire into your life, check out the video below.

I hope you have enjoyed exploring the elements as I have and incorporating them into your daily life to have a stronger understanding of spirit and energy within yourself and the world around you.

Love and Light,


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Element of Air

The element of air is one of inspiration and life force. It is seen as Prana (Hindu) Chi (Taoist) or life force to Wiccans. Air is the breath of life and the gifts of the mind such as clarity, intellect, inspiration, imagination, music, writing, poetry, communication, learning, thinking, creativity and movement.

Air is crucial to our existence and ever present yet it is impossible to see – we rely on its interactions with other elements in order to see it. You can see representations of the air seen as the sky, wind, birds and mountain tops.

The correspondences for air are seen in the direction of East, the waxing moon phase and the season of spring. The time of day is seen in sunrise and the colour is represented as yellow. The qualities of this element are warm and moist and within a modern science this is seen as the gas state.

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The magical tool is seen in the sword or athame though some may say this is the wand depending on the traditions you follow – I use tarot suits as the example and this suit is seen as the suit of swords. You can use objects such as incense, feathers, singing bowls, bells or wind chimes to represent this element on your altar. The zodiac signs of air are Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

The elementals of air are known as the Sylphs and these beings are wild, free and capricious like the weather. They are graceful, feminine and tempestuous. They are light, harmonious, expressive and inspirational and to commune with one is to have clarity of vision and see things as they are. They carry sounds and scents on the air, they are highly musical and can give the gift of inspiration – much like the muse.

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The Deities represented by air are Hermes, Mercury, Shu, Minona, Selk, Seshat, Thoth, Circe, Hecate, Mystis, Eir, Saga, Cerridwen, Danu, Horus, Minerva, Harmonia, Muses, Tefnut, Oya, Nuit, Aura, Hera, Aslog and Holda.

The animals represented by air are birds, butterflies, dragonflies and the element is seen as a masculine one. Click the video link below to check out ways you add air magic into your daily life.

I hope you enjoy working with this element the next element we will explore is the element of fire and this is seen as the final sign traditionally though I will also be bringing in the fifth element of spirit or aether too.

Love and light



Water Element

Water is symbolic of the goddess, the source of all life, the womb from which we are born. It is often seen as the most important of all the elements in order to sustain life.

The water element is seen in the ocean, rivers, lakes and rain and is often associated with rebirth, dreams, memories, emotions, the unconscious mind, psychic awareness, feelings, love, empathy, artistic nature, creativity, adaptability and purification.

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The correspondences for water are:

Direction – West, Moon phase – waning moon, though the moon in general is associated with the element of water, as we know the connection between the water on earth and the moon is extremely powerful with the tides. The season associated with water is autumn preparing for the winter and harvest time and when we start to go within.

 Time of day/night is sunset and the colour is blue. From alchemy perspective the qualities are cold and moist. The zodiac signs are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio and modern science would call this element the ‘liquid state’.

The Magical tool used for earth is the cup or chalice, often symbolic of the womb though if you do not wish to use this you can also use things such as seashells, coral or river rocks – basically anything you associate with the water element, I also have figurines of turtles and fish.

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The animals associated with water are of course all water animals such as whales, dolphins, seals, sea otters, sea turtles and fish – especially salmon which is a very sacred animal within many cultures.

The elemental that governs water are the Undines and these elementals are often seen as similar to human women in terms of looks and size. They are the most empathetic of all the elementals and the easiest to relate to. They embody the qualities of their element, being psychic and intuitive, loving and easy to communicate to. They can sometimes be referred to as nymphs, Nereids, mermaids, sprites or Oceanides though these beings are all separate to the Undines. They are friendly and love plants and flowers and spend their time beautifying the earth.

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The deities often associated with water are: Oshun, Yemaya, Nephthys, Akhet, Tefnut, Khnum, Cleone, Hyperiea, Therma, Neptune, Poseidon, Holda, Norns (who are the fates Skuld, Verdandi and Urd), Donar, Ull, Brigid (she is fire and water), Danu, Eona, the Lady of the Lake and Manannan.

Check out the video below (click the image) in order to see ways you can work with the element of water in your life and incorporate its magic into your day to day practices.

The next element we explore is Air.

Love and Light,


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Awakening Witchcraft

The Element of Earth

The earth element is our first element we will explore. It is often seen as the lowest one on the elemental hierarchy as it is a solid, ever – present element. Earth is often seen as the universal archetype of the divine feminine, our planet is often referred to as “mother earth”, the “divine mother” or earth goddesses such as Gaia among many others.

The earth element on a physical aspect can be seen in caves, forests, fields, deserts, minerals such as crystals – you get the idea. The natural world around us.

This element is most often associated with growth, fertility, abundance, prosperity, grounding, stability, strength, stillness, potential, the physical and material world, the cycles of life – life, death and rebirth and the physical body. It helps to manifest things into reality and is the lowest vibration of the elements.

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Earths correspondences are:

The direction of North (some say in the southern hemisphere this should be reversed to south, the same goes for the other elemental directions, it is most often associated with the moon phase of the new moon – the time of growth and potential, the season of winter – when life stirs beneath the surface and the time of midnight.

The colour associated with this element is green – though within your own practices you can use the colour that most suits you. Earth from an alchemy point of view has the qualities of being cold and dry.

From a magical point of view we can see the earths tool as being the pentacle and some use the cauldron, if you are wanting to use representations of earth you can also use crystals, salt, a plant, soil or something else you associate as the element of earth – I use many of these objects and also have a pine cone as a representation as the forest is my deep connection to the earth element.

The zodiac signs of the element are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo and the animals that represent this element are seen as animals with paws or hooves such as the bear, wolf, stag and horses. It is a feminine element and in modern science and the aspects of life this is seen as ‘solid state’.

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All elements are governed over by a particular elemental being that embody the nature of that element and work with it. For earth the elementals are called Gnomes and these beings are interested in the mineral world – how the ‘building blocks of life’ work. The practice of magic and alchemy is closely linked to these beings as these practices also incorporate the transmuting of one object to another – the process of life.  They are practical, ‘down to earth’, industrious, critical, single-minded and patient, though if they are called on without respect they can be quite grumpy! Gnomes operate at a lower frequency to humans in order to work within the realm of minerals – they exist outside of time so to speak, the space between the atoms where time is not like ours so they can observe the process of a mineral such as a lump of coal, transmute into something like a diamond.

Within Chinese traditions instead of elementals they see each element has having a governing dragon – the earth dragons are the hardest to spot and are most often seen through earthquakes or avalanches as opposed to the air dragons for example that you can see in the clouds at the approaching storm in the sky.

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The deities most often associated with the earth element are: Earth mother, Gaia, Divine Queen, Oshun, Bast, Isis, Min, Geb, Atlantia, Clonia, Flora, Hestia, Demeter, Fauna, Pan, Frigga, Holda, Nanna, She- Wolf, Aine, Anu and Blodeuwedd just to name a few.

Check out the video below (click the image) in order to see ways you can work with the element of earth in your life and incorporate its magic into your day to day practices.

I hope you enjoyed this information about my favourite of the elements, next blog we will explore the element of water.

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