Monthly Plant Medicine

October Plant Medicine ~ Tuberose

Welcome to the month of October. This month we are guided by the flower Tuberose. What I love about this flowre is her message of dangerous pleasure, it truly evokes the energy of Scorpio season even though we don’t enter Scorpio season until late October. Venus is currently in the sign of Scorpio and Venus is the ruler of Libra thus this energy reflects the evocative tones of the Tuberose.

Truly this essence for the month of October is daring us to live life as though it is our last day, to see the magic and the beauty all around us, to live on the edge of bliss at all times – knowing that the edge of bliss shares the same edge as despair, for what is life without contrast to truly make us feel alive?

The Tuberose is preparing us for the pluging cold depths of the scorpionic oceans we are building towards, the oceans of the subconscious mind that we are reborn from with insights and wisdom found on that knifes edge. It is no coincidence that the Tuberose is one of the most sought after scents for womens fragrances with its lingering, alluring fragrance that we cant help but feel captivated by. She is the night time come alive, Venusian energy under the moonlight.

This month we are seeing the energy of Libra in her night cloak, dancing on the edge of life as she embraces true freedom and harmony with the universe. We have a complex astrological month with planets coming out of retrograde, hard aspects and yet also potent and postive ones, as such only a flower that can hold her own without overpowering our senses is necessary. You can find the complete astrological breakdown for this month here.

The Tuberose is a complex paradox, a flower that brings about peace and calm yet at the same time a flower seen as a traditional flower of the Aztecs to honour the dead and journey to the underworld. She enhances our psychic senses whilst bringing a sense of alluring sensuality and ehances our wealth. This paradox of a flower is the perfect medicine for us to walk with this month with such a vast up and down ride of energies and she can assist you with staying in your centre as you live life on the edge. Happy October everyone xo


New Moon in virgo

The new moon in Virgo occurs on September 6th/7th and is going to be a great time to plant the seeds for the future and lay foundations. Virgo energy asks us to focus on our daily routines, health and career. We have some potent and chaotic energies at this new moon with an opposition between Mars and Neptune, the Sun and Neptune, Chiron and Mercury and the Moon and Jupiter which will ask us to focus our energy internally, diving into the receptive yin aspects that is Virgo instead of a reactive energy. You can find the video going into more detail about these aspects here.

With the volatile energies surrounding us throughout September (check out the monthly astrology overview here) It is the perfect time to pause and reflect and truly review what foundations you want to lay for your future. Detail orientated Virgo asks us to plan the steps but not get too bogged down with the critical side of things – if you are focusing on the flaws and faults without a proactive movement then you are focused on the wrong things for this moon.

We will feel the need to move forward, take action and jump ahead to the future goals but this new moon is calling us to come back to the mundane and remember that it is with each brick laid that the house can be built. This is the time to break down those future plans into an easy to navigate routine moving forward – a special interest in things that connect to our health and finanical situations as this is the perfect time to intitiate something new.

This month will be our peak month of 7 planets retrograde and this new moon is ushering in that energy, calling in the hermit mode – it is no coincidence that the hermit card is the card of Virgo in the tarot. We are needing to focus on our inner flame now, journey into the self to discover what we truly want – are we doing things out of habit and they are no longer in alignment with what we truly wish to achieve.

As Virgo rules the 6th house in astrology, this is the energy of the in between – the balance between the spiritual and the physical and we are asked to reflect on where we need to restore balance in our life within these aspects. Starting a new spiritual routine that is in alignment with your desires is perfect for this moon. This is a time to come into acceptance of who you are right now but also set in motion the plans and goals for who you would like to become.

Be careful this moon of becoming too critical of yourself and others, anxiety may be heightened and blunt communication may be taken the wrong way and cause more conflict than expected. Spring clean your environments to refresh the energy and cleanse your own aura to keep emotions stable. Happy new moon x

Story Time

Story Time ~ The Ancient

Hello beautiful souls and welcome to a new blog series – this series is called story time and these blogs will be short stories that are inspired from working with a particular oracle card for inspiration and channelled messages. These stories are meant for enjoyment and perhaps within them there will be some hidden messages for your soul as well. To kick off this new series, we have the oracle card The Ancient from the Faery Forest oracle deck by Lucy Cavendish. Lets dive in!

Tales have been told of a witch who holds the secrets to life. This witch is known as the Ancient One as her age is older than any who walk this earth, her knowledge of potions and magic keeps her living long past the normal lifespan. No one knows who she is or where she lives, only that her domain is the ancient forest of Krondor that exists on the outskirts of the humble village of Kent.

Many tales have been told at night of the wicked Ancient One who bespells young men and lures them to their death or beckons young maidens to follow her winding paths deep within the forest and return with a sense of wild abandonment that sends them mad. The owls of the Forest are her eyes to see all and the cats are her shadow, lurking to bring you omens of your future. It is believed she sees the future through spinning her webs of silk like that of a spider and holds in her keeping the book of life and death. Should you encounter the Ancient One she will ask you to answer a series of questions as a test and if you fail, she will take you to the depths of hell and leave you there.

Many young lords and ladies tested their courage through stepping into the dark forest of Krondor but none ever wondered further than the tree edge and down the bone path – so called for the trail of bones found along the edges that were believed to be the trail of the discarded souls that dared to venture into the Ancient Ones lair. Even the most hardened hunter and Knights dared not follow that path. Until one day when a young maiden, blinded by a broken heart and tears ran into the forest for solace and found herself lost within the trees.

Mira was on the cusp of womanhood, her innocent views of the world had become shattered when the boy she loved had told her he no longer loved her and instead wanted her closest friend, that her friend was far prettier and well off and suited for a nobleman and Mira was just a common farm girl. Her heart had shattered into a thousand pieces at those words and she ran, kept running until she could no longer hear the sounds of Kent. When she finally stopped she realised that she was deep in the forest of Krondor, a place she both found fascinating and fearful.

When she realised that she had become lost in the trees, she began to panic, her fear getting the better of her as she stumbled over what looked like a bone. She gasped at the realisation that she was standing on the bone path, her heart thundering in her chest as she looked around for a landmark that would lead her away. She knew the stories of the Ancient One that the people of Kent spoke of but her mother had also told her stories, stories of ancient wisdom that had been lost to fear and the wisdom of the land that the ancient ones held and to never let the fear of others cloud your own heart.

The sound of wings startled her as she saw an owl land in a tree, it stared right at her, as though it was looking into her soul and she felt the hair on the back of her neck rise in warning of something that was not natural. A grey cat appeared on the path ahead, sitting with its tail gently waving like a snake. It licked its paw and cleaned its face for a moment before staring at her. The owl, the cat and the girl stared at each other for a long time in silence and Mira moved to back away and run in the other direction when the cat stood, meowed at her and turned to walk deeper into the forest, pausing to look back at her as if to say “follow me.”

She stood still, considered the situation and watched as the owl flew from one tree to the next, always looking at her as if it too wanted her to follow. She swallowed slowly, closed her eyes and stilled her mind, her mothers reminder echoed in her thoughts. Never let the fear of others cloud your heart. She realised that her heart had slowed, calm and her body felt a sense of anticpation and excitement. Opening her eyes she stared at the cat and smiled. There was something more that she needed to see so she followed the cat and the owl down the bone path, deeper into the forest.

The path ended at a cave, the darkness of the cave made her uneasy and she hesitated before she watched the cat walk into the darkness. The owl hooted once before flying into the cave and Mira gathered her courage and entered the cave. She couldn’t see anything, the further she walked the darker it got until it felt like the darkness of the cave would consume her, pressing down on her and she felt her panic begin to rise when she suddenly saw the glow of light in the distance. She walked towards the glow, realising it was coming from what seemed to be a room within the cave. The light was a fire within the centre of the room with a large cauldron bubbling over the top.

She stepped into the light filled room and gasped at the walls around her. They were lined with books so old that they seemed they would fall apart at the slightest touch. Candles flickered, dancing light and shadow over the cave floor. She noticed a small desk in the centre of the room near the cauldron had a single book on top. It seemed to beckon her and as she walked closer she noticed there was a name on the front cover, her name. Reaching out to touch the book she jumped as an old woman stepped out of the shadows. She had a large pointed hat and spiderwebs covered her gown, making her shimmer in the candlelight. Her face was old and weathered but it did not seem harsh, it was in fact kind and otherworldly in a way she couldn’t describe.

“Hello Mira. I have been waiting for you.” The woman said and Mira let out a breath she didn’t realise she had been holding. “Are you the anicent one?” she asked quietly and the woman smiled then pointed to the book. “Would you like to read your story Mira? Do you want to know how it ends?” Something in the question had Mira pause and study the book. Was this a trick? Did this book hold the secrets of her future? Did she want to know it all? She could not deny that a big part of her wanted to devour the pages in the book but something else told her that this was a test and reading the book would mean she failed.

“I don’t understand.” Mira said, confusion and frustration overtaking her. The woman laughed and pulled out a vial from her gown as she walked over to the book, picked it up and started reading – the book was a recount of Miras life until now, down to the last detail. When the woman reached the part in of her running to the forest and standing in front of the Anicent One she looked up and into Miras eyes, those eyes held a depth that frightened Mira and she had to glance away.

“This book is your book of life, this one and the ones that come before and after. It is the secrets of your own life and what is to come. This is the knowledge that all who come to me seek, to find the secrets to life and death. I offer you the gift of reading yours. Do you wish to take it?” She held the book close to her chest as she stared at Mira and waited. The owl landed on the brim of the Ancient Ones hat and the Cat stood at her feet. Mira studied the book and then the vial the Anicent One held. She wanted to read that book, she wanted to know. She licked her lips. “What will it cost me to read the book?” She said quietly and the Anicent One laughed.

“Not many are smart enough to ask such a question. It will cost you nothing. And it will cost you everything.” Mira frowned as the owl ruffled its feathers. The Ancient One held out the book to Mira. “To know the future is to know the past. To know the past is to know the future and it is only in the present that we can create them both. To read your own book of life will take away your life as you know it and thrust you into a world of responsiblity and awareness that not all are ready for. To read your book is an act of death and rebirth. To shed the past self and be reborn as the new. Should you wish to take on this burden and gift, you must be willing to live entirely in the present moment, knowing that you hold both the past and the future in your hands.”

Mira took the book but before she could read, the Anicent One handed her the vial. “Drink the gift of life and death and you will see clearly.” Mira hesitated, then took the vial, sniffed the liquid then drank. It tasted like water. Pure, icy cold water that she had never experienced before. As the liquid travelled down her throat she felt a sense of invigoration and energy flood her system a stirring deep within like something had come alive. “Water, from the springs of the earth holds the memories of the past and the nourishment for the future. It lives in everything just as knowledge does. It can nourish, nurture and heal or it can overwhelm and destroy.” The Ancient One pointed to the book. “Read now.”

Mira opened the book and flicked through to where the ancient one left off, seeing the dialouge they had just had in the last page. As she turned the page it was blank. Mira frowned and continued to turn the pages and they were all blank. She looked at the Ancient One in confusion. ” I don’t understand. Did I do something wrong? Did i fail the test?” The Ancient One laughed and touched the blank page. “The future is not yet written and the past is being created as we speak. Only you can decide what will be written on the future pages and what is told about your past. It is your responsibility, your burden and your gift to live your story the way you see fit. That is the gift of life Mira. That is the gift that so many are seeking yet overlook. There is only the present moment, so go and live life.” The Anicent One smiled once more as Mira looked down at the pages and couldn’t help but laugh.

So many stories had been told about this place and yet the answers were already in the hands of the people. She looked up to speak to the Ancient One and realised she was alone, the woman had vanished. Looking around Mira called out for her and no one came. She studied the book for a moment, deciding if she should take it with her and decided to leave it on the desk where she found it. As she left the cave, she felt a sense of calm take her and knew that she would be able to find her way home. She was a little disappointed that she hadn’t found magic or potions that could give the gift of eternal life like the stories said. She turned to study the cave now that she was in the light of day again. Perhaps it was all just a dream.

Shrugging, she followed the bone path back to the village of Kent and as she stepped out of the tree line, almost convinced now that it was all just a dream she heard a whisper on the wind “Live your life Mira. Never forget the magic you have to change the past and create the future, the magic that lies within your choices in the now.” Mira straightened her shoulders and felt the change settle within her, her life was full of magic and she would live her life embracing it with every part of her soul.

The End

Monthly Plant Medicine

monthly plant medicine ~ September

Hello beautiful souls and welcome to the month of September! Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is officially Spring, in the Northern Hemisphere you are entering Autumn, both are times of gentle transition and we have the Spring/Autumn Equinox on the 22nd / 23rd of September which is also within the time of the full moon in Pisces and when we transition from the season of Virgo into Libra making this a potent time. We are in for a wild ride this month astrologically, you can check out the monthly astrology and tarot forecast here.

This month we are being guided by the beautiful Pink Rose. The Rose is known as the Queen of the Flowers and for good reason, she is beautiful, decadent, fragrant, nourishing and simply stunning to look at. This month we are being called to channel grace and bring a sense of sweetness to our life…. literally to stop and smell the roses!

The pink rose reminds us that life is full of ups and downs, that in order to have the beauty we must also have the thorns – even the so called thornless roses still seem to end up with a thorn here and there! The rose asks us to gently unfold to life, understanding that as we openly surrender to the world around us, our true beauty can shine. She also reminds us that it is ok to go through cycles and that each cycle is as valuable as the other – from the beauty of being in full bloom to the release of the old petals, ripening of the luscious and nutritionous fruits, the still quietness of baring our bones in the winter that gives birth to the budding new life again.

Where in the cycle are you at this moment? The rose asks you to reflect on this and to completely surrender to that moment, allowing yourself to feel what you need to without guilt or judgement and remember that as you are in a particular stage, others around you are may be in a different stage of their cycle so be kind and compassionate when you see others, act with grace and handle your interactions with others and the world around you with the same delicacy that you would a rose.

This is a month to slow down and be present in the moment, inhale the sweet fragrance of life and savour all it has to offer no matter what stage of the cycle you are in. Happy September everyone xo

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Full blue moon in Aquarius

The full moon in Aquarius that occurs on the 22nd of August is the second full moon to occur in the sign of Aquarius, making this moon a true blue moon. This energy, coming right off the back of the Uranus stationing retrograde and a potent month with the Leo new moon and Lionsgate portal. It is important to note that this moon will also be bringing back to the surface things that we did not face or work through in the first full moon that occured in July – you can find the blog for that one here.

The energy of this moon feels more free for all in some ways, with an anything can happen flare especially with that Uranus retrograde energy at the same time. Full moons in general are great times to release something, bring more insight and awareness to something you are working with or to tune into your higher self for downloads and information. This is the time of completion in the moon cycle – what was started at the new moon (in Leo which you can find the blog for that one here and how you have worked with the energy.

As we move out of the full moons influence into the waning moon, this is when we adjust, release and prepare for the new intentions, tweaks and goals for the next new moon. Aquarius energy asks us to think about the big picture, long term and how our energy influences humanity. This is also a potent energy to work on your hopes and dreams.

Is there something in your life that you have been trying to achieve? this is the time to release anything that is hindering you, be it mindsets, connections, habits etc and to realign yourself with your goals. As we shift from Leo season into Virgo season at this time, we are letting go of that slower, relaxing energy of the feline Leo and moving into a more grounded and structured energy of Virgo.

This is the perfect time to reflect on your daily habits, routines and health in conjuction with your goals and dreams that you wish to achieve as the combination of Aquarius and Virgo energy at this time can help you to release bad habits and begin new ones that will benefit you long term. There is a strong need to bring balance back into our lives right now between the spiritual and physical, action and inaction. There is a caution here to not be too critical on yourself though and take this time to forgive yourself and others to release any stagnant karmic energy and make way for something new.

If there was one mantra to keep in mind at this time it is release, release, release. Release what no longer serves, release attachments and the need to control, focus on where you want to go moving forward and how you can begin the next steps to get there. If you want to go deeper into the spiritual messages from this energy you can watch the full moon in Aquarius tarot reading here. Have a wonderful full moon everyone!

Spirit Animals

Rhino Spirit Animal

The Rhino is one of my absolute favourite animals and so much more magestic than they are given credit for. I had the privilage of being up close and personal with one of these beautiful creatures at our open plains zoo – Monarto Zoo which is home to 6 Southern White Rhinos including a calf who was born in July 2020. My husband and I did the Rhino Express experience where you get to meet, touch feed one of the resident male Rhinos Ibutho and I can honestly say that experience moved me to tears.

Not only was the keeper amazing but her wealth of knowledge and passion for these beautiful animals has led her to become invovled in numerous international programs to help the conservation of Rhinos. If you are ever in South Australia I highly recommend visiting this state of the art Zoo which is involved in a large amount of conservation and offers a wealth of knowledge and experiences, you can find the link to find out more about the zoo here.


In order to understand the spiritual aspects of an animal, it is my firm belief that we must also know about the general aspects of them as well as the conservation, after all we cannot benefit from their spiritual gifts and wisdom without being informed of their place in the web of life and how we can help to keep them there, humans are the guardians of the physical planet after all, so lets jump into some facts about these gentle giants.

There are 5 species of Rhino – two are African and 3 are Asian. The African Rhinos are known simply as Black Rhinos and White Rhinos, though they are both grey in colour. The history of the name comes from the Afrikaans word for ‘wide” (Wyd) which refers to the wide, square lip of the White Rhino and it is when early English explorers heard this, they mistook the word to be “white” and to differentiate between the two species they rather inventively decided to call the other one “black”.

Of these Black Rhino and White Rhino, many subspecies are extinct in the wild and we are witnessing the extinction of the Northern White Rhino as there are none left in the wild and only two females left in captivity that cannot breed. The last Northern White Rhino bull (male) died in 2018. The black Rhino is considered critically endagered as are the Asian Sumartran and Javan Rhinos. Others are considered endangered.

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Poaching and habitat loss are the biggest threats to the Rhino population and poachers are becoming extremely quick and smart at poaching – many are now using helicopters to shoot or tranquilise the rhinos from the air, they then cut the horn and take it away in the helicopters, the entire process only takes around 10 mins of time. Most rhinos if they are not already dead will bleed to death from the wound.

The rhino horn is made of keratin – the same thing your fingernails are made from and it does continously grow in the lifetime of the rhino. Males are known as bulls and females are called cows. The females are more social than the males who are extremely territorial and solitary, though some do have a unique relationship with the Oxpecker bird that sits on their back, eating any bugs that crawls on the rhinos skin. A group of rhinos is called a Crash. Rhinos are strictly herbivores.

Though these beautiful animals are huge and seemingly intimidating, they are quite gentle in many ways. The rhino has poor vision and they rely on their strong sense of smell and one of their ways of communicating and gathering information on other rhinos in the area is through their poo – rhinos will use the same area as a toilet and this is known as a latrine. They also communicate in unique honking sounds and sneezes.

Rhinos love mud and enjoy a good mud bath, rolling in it to create a mud coat that keeps them cool, stops insects from biting them and gets rid of parasites. Interestingly you would expect all the skin on the Rhino to feel rough but during my experience with being able to touch Ibutho, there are little areas like behind the ear and in between the folds of their skin that is silky soft. Asian Rhinos are excellent swimmers but their African counterparts can drown in deep water.

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Now that your brain is full of some fun Rhino facts, lets dive into the spiritual meanings of what this animal represents when it shows up in our life.

One of the strongest messages this animal brings to us is to connect with Mother Earth. This is extremely important as this animal is so close to extinction and needs to be protected. Through connecting with mother earth we begin to feel grounded and remember our connection to the web of life. The rhino is closely linked with the elements of Earth and Water and working with these can be extremely beneficial if Rhino spirit has shown up in your life. Rhino asks you to look to nature and your environment to find inspiration if you have been feeling stuck or uninspired and brings a greater sense of awareness and appreciation for the natural world around you.

The Rhino reminds us to have gratitude for what we already have and to see the abundance around us instead of lack. Rhino says that you can break through any obstacle in your way and know that with determination you can and will achieve what you want no matter what obstacle stands in your path.

The Rhino lends us their qualities of strength, resilience, stamina and sturdiness and says to rise above confrontation when it arises, do not be too quick to judge others and to understand what your true motives are in your endevours. Surround yourself with people and things that add value to your life and dont be afraid to do things in an unconvential way.

Rhino guides us to achieve true greatness, to have freedom and stand tall in our authenticity and take our place in society with pride and gratitude. Rhino brings deep spriritual awareness and helps to clear our mind, reminding us that we must also take time in contemplative solitude in order to rejuvenate, regenerate and experience a renewal of energy. Often this spirit animal heralds the development of spiritual gifts such as Clairaudience and Clairalience.

Call on Rhino spirit if you wish to embody these energies or seek guidance and pay attention to where this message may be showing up in your life if Rhino has stepped into your world.

Chakras Crystals

Everything you need to know about rose quartz

Rose quartz is possibly one of the most well known crystals, if not the most popular one on the market. It is generally one of the first crystals we all select when we first begin our crystal journey and is seen as a generally safe and easy crystal to work with. We all know its connections with love, in fact if someone asks you about love and crystals its almost a guarntee that the first thought that pops into your mind will be rose quartz.

This beautiful and abundantly available crystal does however have so much more to offer than being a simple love crystal and contrary to popular belief it does have a slight word of caution associated with it depending on what your uses are. This post will give you all the information you need to work with this beautiful and underrated crystal!

Before we jump into the nitty gritty of the post, I have to admit that I had a bit of a resentment towards this crystal in the beginning and tried to avoid using it as often as possible, opting for more exotic crystals in its place and this was all due to my lack of awareness of the different properties this crystal holds and thinking it was a boring “love” crystal and being a scorpio, love is not on the top of my list of witchy worries!

In Greel mythology, Aphrodite saves her lover Adonis from the jealous God of War – Ares but in the process of saving Adonis, she catches her arm on a briar bush and her blood mingles with that of Adonis and stained the white quartz.

It is easy to see here the automatic connection to love being related to Aphrodite and the circumstances in which it was created emphasise its connection to unconditional love and healing and it is believed that this crystal has been given as a token of love since at least 600BCE; But did you know that this crystal was also believed by the ancient Romans and Egyptians to clear the complexion and prevent wrinkles? Hello face rollers! There have even been rose quartz face masks found in tombs and there are lovely selections available on the market these days for face masks and face rollers and you can find my favourite supplier for these here

This crystal is linked to the heart chakra and the planet Venus. It is associated with the Zodiac of Taurus as well as Scorpio and Libra. Lets dive into the many things rose quartz can help you with!

  • Use to get in touch with sensuality
  • Use as an aphrodisiac
  • It supports connections within groups and community
  • It has a strong attunement to earth, the cosmos and spirit so is perfect to create balance in your life between these three energies
  • It inspires one to nurture themselves
  • Stimulates the sensual imagination
  • Comforts and heals heart wounds
  • Dissolves fear, worries and resentment
  • Provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment, inner peace and contentment
  • Helps to reprogram the heart to accept love
  • Heals emotions and the emotional body
  • Increases feelings of comfort and nuturing
  • Inspires a love of beauty and appreciation for nature
  • Helps aid sleep and prevents nightmares
  • Helps attract new love, romance and intimacy
  • Helps one experience unconditional love for others and oneself
  • It aids circulation in the body
  • Helps heal mothers and babies after complicated births
  • Helps with depression – especially post natal depression
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Helps relieve headaches
  • Helps with fertility and supports the reproductive system
  • Helps with forgiveness – both for yourself and for others
  • Helps overcome abuse

There are a few words of caution I would like to state here before I jump into the many ways you can work with this crystal and the first has to do with love – if using this to attract love or bring romance into your life, this is a form of spell making and as such you must be cautious about trying to attract a particular person – free will is a fickle thing to interfere with and there is no telling how things will backfire if you go gifting your desired lover with rose quartz or something infused with this crystal. Love magic in any way – even through manifesting when focused on one person will almost always hold consquences in some way and its best not to tempt the Fates to play a game with you and lady Karma!

Rose quartz is also an expansive energy as all the quartz families are so there is a caution here before you use it, when working with this energy you must be aware that it will “expand” what is already there – this can be great if you want more love or sensual energy but if you are working through healing it will expand the heavy energies as this is the way we move through them to heal – you must be ready for this especially if you plan on using the crystal as a yoni egg or crystal pleasure wand for example (if you want a good supplier for these items I abosultely recommend Yoni Pleasure Palace which can be found here.) My suggestion would be to use the crystal either in conjuction with another healing one that helps ground you such as Obsidian or Black Tourmaline in order to steady the intensity.

Rose quartz is only found in the ground within a massive form however it is often shaped into different objects and it can be found in everything from raw chunks, face rollers, polished tumble stones, runes, candle holders etc. Choose one that you feel the most drawn to. If you would like to know more about working with crystals in general you can find my video on this topic here.

The practical ways you can work with this crystal are:

  • Wear it! This can be through jewelry or placing it in your pocket or even your bra
  • Place it next to the bed, under the bed, under the pillow
  • Hold whilst speaking positive affirmations
  • Cast a piece into a flowing body of water after speaking words you wish to speak to the crystal in order to find more confidence to do so or to energetically send the words to the person you wish to speak to
  • Place on top of a photo of someone you are fighting with to assist with forgiveness and reconcilliation
  • Place in the southwest corner of the home or in each southwest corner of each room to enhance the energy for relationships
  • Keep it on your desk at work to avoid unwanted intrusion and gossip
  • Use as a part of your beauty routine through a face roller or mask
  • Create a crystal grid
  • Use a yoni egg or crystal pleasure wand to connect to your womb and divine feminine energy

These are just a few ideas and you are by no means limited to just these ideas, trust your intuition when working with crystals to find the best way they work for you!


New Moon in Leo & lionsgate portal

This Leo new moon is occuring at the same time as the Lionsgate 8/8 portal and during the shadow period of Uranus going retrograde… talk about intense energy to say the least! The liongate portal occurs each year when Sirius aligns with the sun and is associated with spiritual activiations and downloads and from a mythological aspect there is a strong connection to the Goddess Isis and Osiris as Sirius is known as the Star of Isis and Orion is Osiris. This time was the Egyptian New Year and the time of the Nile rising bringing with it fertility and renewal. You can watch the in depth video for this energy here:

This Leo moon is the perfect one to instill us with a sense of confidence to go after our dream life! With those potent downloads from Sirius and the Sun – Leos ruler and this new moon occuring close to the planet of communication and wisdom, Mercury, who is aligned with expansive and luck bringing Jupiter – what ever you set out to achieve this new moon holds a lot of potential to be the life changing seeds we have been dreaming about.

It is important to note that there is a tense interaction between Saturn and Uranus playing out at this time and these two planets may make us feel impatient and impulsive, Saturn is asking us to think about the long term and ensure we are not just acting from the ego.

This Leo energy is perfect for those bold, romatic gestures or to relax and have fun in a social sense. You may also feel more creative at this time and your inner child will want to play – allow yourself some indulgence during this time.

There is a caution to look out for ego clashes at this time and with Saturn and Uranus in the mix if you have a disagreement with someone, try to take a step back and not engage in a stand off or argument as neither side will be able to see past their own feelings.

There may be a tendancy to want to engage in drama more or to lay about instead of getting on with things – this is key to find a good balance between work and play especially as this new moon begins a new 6 month cycle. Spend some time pampering yourself but also stick to some kind of routine to ensure you get the basic chores and necessary tasks complete so they dont pile up and become a mountainous task later.

Above all else this is a potent time to reflect and plant the seeds for your future and the goals and dreams you wish to manifest especially for those who wish to launch a creative project or be in the spotlight in some way. You can find the tarot reading for this new moon here:

Happy new moon in Leo everyone! May all your dreams come true xo

Monthly Plant Medicine

Monthly Plant Medicine ~ August

Hello everyone and welcome to the month of August! The energy that is ushering us into this month is the lovely Sweet William flower. Sweet Williams are also known by their traditional name of Dianthus and are the same species as Carnations so this energy in turn is also working with us.

July was a deeply emotional month in the depths of Cancer energy and we have a little reprieve as we come into August and embrace the energy of fiery Leo. As we shift out of the watery depths of the divine feminine we move into the spotlight of our own life and move forward in our masculine self, taking action on the deep reflections we encountered during July.

It is no coincidence that the flower we are working with – the Sweet William; is known to be one of the few masculine flowers that was often given as a sign of bravery or gallantry which fits the energy of Leo energy perfectly.

Astrologically this month we have the new moon in Leo on the 8th, we have a tough square between the sun and Uranus before he turns retrograde in the sign of Taurus. We also have a double full moon in the sign of Aquarius at the same time the sun shifts into the sign of Virgo. You can find the full astrological breakdown video here.

Sweet William is guiding us this month to remember amongst all this intense masculine and fiery energy that we must come from a place of gallantry, ensuring that we are not acting in selfish and boisterous or brash ways. This small yet vibrant flower also brings with it a sense of joy and reminds us if we are feeling low throughout this month or lost on what to do next, the answer is simple – smile. To smile instantly changes our mood and lifts us back into the sunshine energy, giving us the motivation to keep going even in the face of the most daunting adversary.

So embrace your inner gallant and brave knight, spend some time reading the tales of old and embody that energy of honor that each knight lived by and move forward with pride and strength this month knowing that you will overcome any challenge put in your path. Perhaps gift a bunch of flowers to someone you admire with these traits or get yourself a bunch or even a plant to embody this energy as a reminder xo.

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Full moon in Aquarius

This full moon in Aquarius will feel like a mixed emotional one as it is caught between Pluto and Saturn. The energy may feel a little harder than normal and this is the perfect time to continue with the self care routines you began during the emotional Cancer new moon at the beginning of the month. This full moon is the perfect one to release attachments, forgive and let go of what is no longer serving you whilst focusing on building stronger spiritual routines and connecting with your higher self.

Mercury will be super active during this time and harmonising with Neptune, further enhancing the spirituality of this full moon and activities such as yoga, meditation, chanting and journaling will be very beneficial.

The general energy of the collective will feel more social and humanitarian, ideas related to the whole will come to the forefront such as politics, human rights, environment and a general want to socialise however it will not be particularly intimate so it is best to avoid having those deep and meaningful conversations at this time.

This is an analytical moon where we will be more prone to looking at our place in our community, family and social groups and how these too have an affect on our own life. We can be more capable of working in harmony with others at this time but can also become more stubborn about our opinions and theories.

In the romance department this is a time to keep things light hearted and fun, socialise with each other’s friendship groups to gain more insight into each other or ask broader questions such as topics such as politics, spiritual path, hopes and dreams etc but do not engage in conflict about who is right or wrong.

This is a great time to network, reach out to new clients and new communities. Join a new yoga class or have a coffee or lunch date with co-workers. Team Building exercises are great within the work environment or hiring a new staff member. This is the ideal time to pitch new ideas, campaign socialise over dinner or attend trivia nights.

This energy encourages us to live by our inner philosophy and morals, perhaps to re-establish new ones and share ideas with others – be cautious not to tell others they are wrong however. We are more open minded at this time and curious about new perspectives and ideas.

Watch out for being too disconnected to the world around you and your connections to others, a feeling of righteousness and getting too caught up in our own philosophy, remembering to have empathy towards others and their beliefs, being too challenging on debating beliefs or opinions, looking too far into the future that we fail to see the present moment including any hurt feelings, needs and excitement of yourself and others around us and being too experimental – don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!