About Me

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are

~ Carl Jung

Let me tell you my story. I grew up exploring different realms of both the mystical and the holistic healing, with my aunts introducing me to the world of witchcraft and spells and my mother introducing me to holistic healing. This grew into a natural curiousity to explore deeper into these realms whilst my love for history sparked my imagination. It was the ancient lands of Egypt that captured my heart the most though I loved the Roman and Greek worlds as well. I loved their mythology the most and their deeply spiritual way of living in alignment with the natural rhythms of life.

As I got older and dived into the practices of tarot and astrology I fell in love with their connections to our own journey in life and ways of providing insights into the world around us and our own inner world. I diverged from the spiritual path for a while and explored the natural healing arts of herbalism, aromatherapy, holistic healing and yoga which only enhanced by knowledge of the spiritual world and opened me to another path of magical alchemy.

This naturally led to me becoming an avid gardener and explorer of the natural world around me, to find beauty in nature and also human history not just my own but also others. I have a deeply rich and interesting ancestral history that has further sparked my love for the mystical world and if you are curious you can read about it through my family members research here where it begins with my great grandfather on my mothers side, traced all the way back to the original Viking settlers of Normandy and rich cultural history in England. It was this history that led me to explore the Celtic world and further connect to the magic of mythology that is in my blood.

I am a writer, loving the world of fantasy and fiction as ways to connect to the inner child and psyche and I am always inspired by the natural world around me and exploring new places.

I have infused my entire history of self study and continue to further my education in order to keep my world open to new ways of helping others to find that magic within thier own world. I am a Scorpio sun sign with a Sagittarius moon and Capricorn rising, a stellium of planets in my 12th and 11th houses and this reflects in my approach to the world around me as well as my work with others.