Monthly Plant Medicine

Monthly Plant Medicine ~ August

Hello everyone and welcome to the month of August! The energy that is ushering us into this month is the lovely Sweet William flower. Sweet Williams are also known by their traditional name of Dianthus and are the same species as Carnations so this energy in turn is also working with us.

July was a deeply emotional month in the depths of Cancer energy and we have a little reprieve as we come into August and embrace the energy of fiery Leo. As we shift out of the watery depths of the divine feminine we move into the spotlight of our own life and move forward in our masculine self, taking action on the deep reflections we encountered during July.

It is no coincidence that the flower we are working with – the Sweet William; is known to be one of the few masculine flowers that was often given as a sign of bravery or gallantry which fits the energy of Leo energy perfectly.

Astrologically this month we have the new moon in Leo on the 8th, we have a tough square between the sun and Uranus before he turns retrograde in the sign of Taurus. We also have a double full moon in the sign of Aquarius at the same time the sun shifts into the sign of Virgo. You can find the full astrological breakdown video here.

Sweet William is guiding us this month to remember amongst all this intense masculine and fiery energy that we must come from a place of gallantry, ensuring that we are not acting in selfish and boisterous or brash ways. This small yet vibrant flower also brings with it a sense of joy and reminds us if we are feeling low throughout this month or lost on what to do next, the answer is simple – smile. To smile instantly changes our mood and lifts us back into the sunshine energy, giving us the motivation to keep going even in the face of the most daunting adversary.

So embrace your inner gallant and brave knight, spend some time reading the tales of old and embody that energy of honor that each knight lived by and move forward with pride and strength this month knowing that you will overcome any challenge put in your path. Perhaps gift a bunch of flowers to someone you admire with these traits or get yourself a bunch or even a plant to embody this energy as a reminder xo.

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