Element of Fire

The element of fire is one of transformation, spiritual power and immortality of spirit. It is seen as the rarest of the elements and most difficult to control. Fire rules our passion, strength, activity, blood and life force.  It is an element for purifying and protection as it consumes impurities and gives us courage, independence determination, creativity, enlightenment and potency.

Fire lacks a physical existence until it comes into contact with another element for combustion and it is also extinguished by other elements. Fire can be seen in lightening, deserts, volcanoes and stars and it closely links to our solar plexus energy.

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The correspondences for fire are the direction of south, the moon phase of the full moon, the season of summer with the time of day being midday. Its colour is red and has the qualities of warm and dry, in modern science this is seen as the plasma state.

The magical tools represented by fire are the wand or sword depending on the tradition you follow. The best way to represent fire on your altar is through the use of candles. The zodiac signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The animals seen as representative are dragons, lions, salamanders, phoenix and all clawed creatures. This element is seen as a masculine one.

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The elementals that govern fire are called the salamanders. They embody the fiery principle of pure, fearless, unrestrained will. They are the expression of all consuming passion of raw spirit. The salamanders explore all aspects of fire – from the magma at earth’s core to the lightning bolts in the sky. They seek to connect to the secret fire that lies at the heart of all things in the natural world. They are the most highly charged and dangerous of the elemental spirits and to commune with them is to risk total destruction of the self. As such they must be approached with the utmost respect and only when you are ready – any unresolved fears or emotions can combust like gasoline within their presence – negativity is fuel to their fire and this can cause you more harm than good if you are not prepared for this integration.

The deities that are represented through fire are Amit, Sekhmet, Ra, Amun, Hestia, Vesta, Brigid, Vulcan and Girda. To see how you can add the magic of fire into your life, check out the video below.

I hope you have enjoyed exploring the elements as I have and incorporating them into your daily life to have a stronger understanding of spirit and energy within yourself and the world around you.

Love and Light,


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