Element of Air

The element of air is one of inspiration and life force. It is seen as Prana (Hindu) Chi (Taoist) or life force to Wiccans. Air is the breath of life and the gifts of the mind such as clarity, intellect, inspiration, imagination, music, writing, poetry, communication, learning, thinking, creativity and movement.

Air is crucial to our existence and ever present yet it is impossible to see – we rely on its interactions with other elements in order to see it. You can see representations of the air seen as the sky, wind, birds and mountain tops.

The correspondences for air are seen in the direction of East, the waxing moon phase and the season of spring. The time of day is seen in sunrise and the colour is represented as yellow. The qualities of this element are warm and moist and within a modern science this is seen as the gas state.

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The magical tool is seen in the sword or athame though some may say this is the wand depending on the traditions you follow – I use tarot suits as the example and this suit is seen as the suit of swords. You can use objects such as incense, feathers, singing bowls, bells or wind chimes to represent this element on your altar. The zodiac signs of air are Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

The elementals of air are known as the Sylphs and these beings are wild, free and capricious like the weather. They are graceful, feminine and tempestuous. They are light, harmonious, expressive and inspirational and to commune with one is to have clarity of vision and see things as they are. They carry sounds and scents on the air, they are highly musical and can give the gift of inspiration – much like the muse.

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The Deities represented by air are Hermes, Mercury, Shu, Minona, Selk, Seshat, Thoth, Circe, Hecate, Mystis, Eir, Saga, Cerridwen, Danu, Horus, Minerva, Harmonia, Muses, Tefnut, Oya, Nuit, Aura, Hera, Aslog and Holda.

The animals represented by air are birds, butterflies, dragonflies and the element is seen as a masculine one. Click the video link below to check out ways you add air magic into your daily life.

I hope you enjoy working with this element the next element we will explore is the element of fire and this is seen as the final sign traditionally though I will also be bringing in the fifth element of spirit or aether too.

Love and light


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