Water Element

Water is symbolic of the goddess, the source of all life, the womb from which we are born. It is often seen as the most important of all the elements in order to sustain life.

The water element is seen in the ocean, rivers, lakes and rain and is often associated with rebirth, dreams, memories, emotions, the unconscious mind, psychic awareness, feelings, love, empathy, artistic nature, creativity, adaptability and purification.

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The correspondences for water are:

Direction – West, Moon phase – waning moon, though the moon in general is associated with the element of water, as we know the connection between the water on earth and the moon is extremely powerful with the tides. The season associated with water is autumn preparing for the winter and harvest time and when we start to go within.

 Time of day/night is sunset and the colour is blue. From alchemy perspective the qualities are cold and moist. The zodiac signs are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio and modern science would call this element the ‘liquid state’.

The Magical tool used for earth is the cup or chalice, often symbolic of the womb though if you do not wish to use this you can also use things such as seashells, coral or river rocks – basically anything you associate with the water element, I also have figurines of turtles and fish.

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The animals associated with water are of course all water animals such as whales, dolphins, seals, sea otters, sea turtles and fish – especially salmon which is a very sacred animal within many cultures.

The elemental that governs water are the Undines and these elementals are often seen as similar to human women in terms of looks and size. They are the most empathetic of all the elementals and the easiest to relate to. They embody the qualities of their element, being psychic and intuitive, loving and easy to communicate to. They can sometimes be referred to as nymphs, Nereids, mermaids, sprites or Oceanides though these beings are all separate to the Undines. They are friendly and love plants and flowers and spend their time beautifying the earth.

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The deities often associated with water are: Oshun, Yemaya, Nephthys, Akhet, Tefnut, Khnum, Cleone, Hyperiea, Therma, Neptune, Poseidon, Holda, Norns (who are the fates Skuld, Verdandi and Urd), Donar, Ull, Brigid (she is fire and water), Danu, Eona, the Lady of the Lake and Manannan.

Check out the video below (click the image) in order to see ways you can work with the element of water in your life and incorporate its magic into your day to day practices.

The next element we explore is Air.

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