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The Element of Earth

The earth element is our first element we will explore. It is often seen as the lowest one on the elemental hierarchy as it is a solid, ever – present element. Earth is often seen as the universal archetype of the divine feminine, our planet is often referred to as “mother earth”, the “divine mother” or earth goddesses such as Gaia among many others.

The earth element on a physical aspect can be seen in caves, forests, fields, deserts, minerals such as crystals – you get the idea. The natural world around us.

This element is most often associated with growth, fertility, abundance, prosperity, grounding, stability, strength, stillness, potential, the physical and material world, the cycles of life – life, death and rebirth and the physical body. It helps to manifest things into reality and is the lowest vibration of the elements.

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Earths correspondences are:

The direction of North (some say in the southern hemisphere this should be reversed to south, the same goes for the other elemental directions, it is most often associated with the moon phase of the new moon – the time of growth and potential, the season of winter – when life stirs beneath the surface and the time of midnight.

The colour associated with this element is green – though within your own practices you can use the colour that most suits you. Earth from an alchemy point of view has the qualities of being cold and dry.

From a magical point of view we can see the earths tool as being the pentacle and some use the cauldron, if you are wanting to use representations of earth you can also use crystals, salt, a plant, soil or something else you associate as the element of earth – I use many of these objects and also have a pine cone as a representation as the forest is my deep connection to the earth element.

The zodiac signs of the element are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo and the animals that represent this element are seen as animals with paws or hooves such as the bear, wolf, stag and horses. It is a feminine element and in modern science and the aspects of life this is seen as ‘solid state’.

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All elements are governed over by a particular elemental being that embody the nature of that element and work with it. For earth the elementals are called Gnomes and these beings are interested in the mineral world – how the ‘building blocks of life’ work. The practice of magic and alchemy is closely linked to these beings as these practices also incorporate the transmuting of one object to another – the process of life.  They are practical, ‘down to earth’, industrious, critical, single-minded and patient, though if they are called on without respect they can be quite grumpy! Gnomes operate at a lower frequency to humans in order to work within the realm of minerals – they exist outside of time so to speak, the space between the atoms where time is not like ours so they can observe the process of a mineral such as a lump of coal, transmute into something like a diamond.

Within Chinese traditions instead of elementals they see each element has having a governing dragon – the earth dragons are the hardest to spot and are most often seen through earthquakes or avalanches as opposed to the air dragons for example that you can see in the clouds at the approaching storm in the sky.

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The deities most often associated with the earth element are: Earth mother, Gaia, Divine Queen, Oshun, Bast, Isis, Min, Geb, Atlantia, Clonia, Flora, Hestia, Demeter, Fauna, Pan, Frigga, Holda, Nanna, She- Wolf, Aine, Anu and Blodeuwedd just to name a few.

Check out the video below (click the image) in order to see ways you can work with the element of earth in your life and incorporate its magic into your day to day practices.

I hope you enjoyed this information about my favourite of the elements, next blog we will explore the element of water.

Love and Light,


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