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Working With the Moon Phases

We know that the moon influences the tide, fishermen know that the phase of the moon will dictate the kind of catch you can get and gardeners who use a moon calendar will tell you that a garden will be that much stronger and more productive if you plant according to the moon. When we work with the moon, more often than not people only pay attention to the full moon – perhaps this is because it is so bright in the sky that even the most unspiritual of us cannot help but look up in awe at the beauty of the moon. It is common even today for people to say “It must be a full moon” when people are acting strange and it is in fact where the term lunacy and lunatic came from – a term for diseases that were thought to be caused by the moon. For astrologers, the moon phases are key components to astrology and can influence our day to day lives. From a personal perspective, the moon influences our emotions and for women, our reproductive cycles mimic that of the moon and for everyone the moon can be a powerful ally in achieving the goals you wish and making life decisions.

The moon has approximately a 28 day cycle around the earth with different “phases” that she goes through. We will now take a look at each phase and how you can work with them.

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The moon cycle starts with of course the new moon – the second most common aspect that we hear of today. At this phase, the moon is actually a tiny sliver of light in the sky, barely noticeable though many may think it is completely dark – this is not the case as that is a phase unto itself. It is the time when the moon is “rebirthing” in the sky, this is time that we can plant the seeds of new beginnings, and it is the clean slate for us to begin again with new intentions. The added benefit for working with this moon can be using the astrological component or what star sign the moon is at this stage to look at which aspect of your life is best to work with these new beginnings. This is time to dream big, visualise success and put down the actions that you will take in order to achieve your goals.

The next phase is the waxing crescent moon and is between 3 – 7 days after the new moon. This is the time to explore the dreams that you have put into place at the time of the new moon. Start putting your plans into action, review the dreams you committed to at the new moon and watch the energy build with momentum. This is the taking the first step, having faith in yourself and moving forward. Trusting that it will come to fruition and really push through. This is when you start to build the habits needed in order to make it through.

Next we have the first quarter moon and this is between 7 – 10 days after the new moon. This is when your challenges will start to come into play, your strength to keep going is going to be tested and doubts may begin to creep into your mind. Your commitment to your goal needs to be strong now as it will be tested and it is also a good time to see if you are still feeling just as hyped or excited about your goal as you were at the time of the new moon. Review that now and see if you are still wanting to continue or if it is becoming just another chore because if your heart is not in it, you will not succeed and it is best to let go and move onto another goal, though pay attention to what it is that you are truly feeling because these doubts may just be a test that you need to overcome, issues coming to light that will hold you back if you do not address them at this point.

Now we move into the gibbous phase of the moon 10 – 15 days after the new moon, this is the time to review what is working and what isn’t, make the necessary adjustments to your course of action and if some habits have slipped – get back into them now while the moon is still in the “growing” or attracting stage. Watch your patience, especially if you don’t see results yet because patience is needed.

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Everybody’s favourite – Full moon phase! 15 – 18 days after the new moon. This is make or break time, the time you will start to see results or have your goal completely manifest into reality. Emotions will run high so if it is a long term goal, makes sure you are checking in with yourself to keep your emotions balanced and use this time to illuminate any potential setbacks and release and let go. Ensure you work with forgiveness as well, forgiveness for yourself and others especially if you decided at earlier on in the phases to let go of this goal.

Disseminating moon – 3 – 7 days after the full moon, this is a time to relax, review what you have learnt, what worked for you and what didn’t. Share your knowledge with others if needed or journal the lessons in order to reflect on when you set intentions again for the next cycle.

Third quarter moon – 7 – 10 days after the full moon, a time of crossroads. Look back at where you came from and see how far you have come. Conflicts and emotions that arise now will hold valuable insight to emotions that may have been hindering your progress. If you did achieve your goal this is the time to celebrate it. A time to bring balance back to the energy and recoup your strength and have trust in the process and the lessons learned. This is the acceptance for what has occurred phase.

Balsamic moon – 10 days after the full moon until the new moon, a time for healing and soothing. If things did not go to plan, this is the time for self-care and emotional healing. If things did work out, now the celebration is over it is time to regroup and replenish your energies. This is the time to let go. Just before the new moon – the 48 hours before the new moon occurs is seen as the dark of the moon. This is a time for self-reflection and inner work, not action. Use this time to review all you have learnt through the cycle and emotionally prepare yourself for the beginning of the next. Journaling is great for this. You can, if you feel it is beneficial, make a list or organise your intentions for the new moon.

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As you can see the moon phases are extremely powerful to work with from a practical every day sense with goals and also great to review for our emotional and mental wellbeing. When you add the energy of working with astrological star signs too, this can add more depth and layers to the energy you are working with – taking note of what star sign the moon phase is in will show you more highlighted energies that suit that of the star sign for example and earth sign such as Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo would be good energy to work with materialistic aspects such as money or career pursuits, you can then break this down further by using say, the routine loving energy of Virgo to work with creating a new diet regime or exercise routine.

Within the 28 day cycle of the moon there is an additional cycle that many do not realise they can work with and this is the 6 month cycle of new moon in a particular star sign to the full moon in the same star sign – this occurs every 6 months and is an additional benefit to work with. For example this would be beginning something at the new moon in Gemini and then working with the same energy you see above but on a monthly scale – leading to the full moon Gemini which would occur in 6 months’ time. This is a great option to do if you are working on larger projects or goals.

See below a video i recently completed of working magic with the moon

Working with the energy of the moon is just another way that we can help to gain more control in the influences of our daily lives and take charge in our goals and dreams.

Love and Light


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