3 Ways to energetically cleanse your home right now

3 Ways to energetically cleanse your home right now

Cleansing the home does not mean you have to go out and purchase new items or have an array of different objects and rituals set out, though at any given time these can enhance your cleansing and make it deeper.

Most of us are familiar with the use of sage or smudging sticks to cleanse the home or incense. If you have these already than add them into these tips to make it deeper and more special but they are absolutely not required at all.

During this time of isolation and such heavy energy in the world, we need to pay extra attention to the energetic health of our home. Negative energy within the home can affect your personal energy which it is why it is so important to pay attention to what is happening within your sacred space. The home is just that – your sacred space. It is where you go to rest, to relax, to feel safe and comforted and when we spend so much time cooped up inside, watching the news or scrolling through social media and seeing the negative things that are happening in the world, our own emotions begin to change the energetic vibration of the home. Never mind the fact that when we are leaving the home, it is to rush to pick up the essentials – often not being able to get everything we need which creates more internal anxiety and we interact with others who are filled with fear and anxiety, then we bring these same emotions into the home.

You can see how even if you cleanse your own personal self, these emotions and energy are still trapped within the home and can continue to do damage without you even realising! So, let’s explore some options you can do right now to help cleanse the home, even incorporating them into a family practice to make it more fun and enjoyable, by explaining to the kids and family what you are doing.

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Option 1 – The physical clean

Yes this may seem the obvious choice and the least fun of all of them but physically cleaning your home is the easiest and most thorough way to cleanse it. When we clean with intention – the intention to not just clean the surfaces but also to clean the energy, your own thoughts help to stimulate that process. Ensure that as you cleanse you have at least one door or window open and try to direct your cleaning pattern or visualise the energy leaving through this opening. On top of providing an exit point for the energy, it is also allowing the fresh air and breeze to come in and help move everything along. Another key point here is to have all your curtains and blinds open to allow the sunlight in – even if it is a cloudy day. Sunlight is proven to kill germs so it is beneficial to let as much light in as possible, especially when cleaning. Another tip is the water you use for either mopping the floor or wiping down surfaces, add an extra magical oomph with some salt or a squeeze of lemon if you have it in the house.

Option 2 – The energetic sweep

If doing a full house cleanse is not of interest to you, getting the broom out to energetically sweep the house is perfect. Ensure you have a door open and instead of sweeping the surface of the floor, hold the broom just above the ground and focus on sweeping the negative energy towards the door. It helps to work in a counter clockwise direction as this is traditionally the ideal way to banish. Using affirmations and visualisation, ensuring you get into the corners of the home will help to move the energy. Adding a candle if you have some, to the darker corners of the home will help to illuminate the darkness and burn it away.

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Option 3 – The Sound cleanse

Sound is a powerful way to shift the energy of the home and by far the most enjoyable way to cleanse especially if you have young children who are becoming restless. Usually most would recommend using things like singing bowls – if you do have these then great, but sound can be as simple as clapping, singing, stamping your feet, bells, pots and pans with wooden spoons or even clapping two metal spoons together. To add in some extra fun vibes putting on music will add to this. The idea here is to use noise and the sound vibrations to help to shift the energy, you can even add some dancing in for additional fun and to help cleanse and shift your own vibration. The process is the same, open the doors and windows and make noise in every room, getting into the corners and you can even shout out that you are removing the negative energy or banishing all but positive thoughts in the home. It may make you feel silly but that is part of the joy here, unleash your own inner child and embrace the fun to be had in such a simple way to cleanse.

A final note on cleansing energy. Working with the natural cycles of the moon is also extremely powerful. Cleansing can be done at either the new moon or full moon or even both as part of a moon ritual, or if you want to work with the ideal astrological aspects of cleansing, the waning period and the time of the dark moon are perfect to remove what is no longer serving you – which in this case is the negative energy. The waning period of the moon is the time between the full moon and the new moon – as the moon begins to slowly disappear and go within. The dark moon is usually the 24 hours prior to the new moon, though some may say it is up to 72 hours prior.

Walking the spiritual path does not mean we need to buy fancy things and have structured rituals in order to be a successful spiritualist. It is all about intention. May these suggestions help you to cleanse your own sacred space and bring some joy and peace back into your home during these chaotic times.

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~ Namaste

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