Awakening Chakras Kundalini

Kundalini Energy

What is Kundalini energy? Kundalini is a Sanskrit term for the divine energy within the body, meaning coiled snake. It is the divine energy known as Shakti that is referred to as the divine feminine or primordial energy or, cosmic energy. Often the kundalini energy is seen as a sexual energy as it is associated more often than not with the tantric arts but kundalini is so much more than that. The concept of Kundalini energy though related to eastern traditions, can be found in many cultures under different names and different types of experiences and is not exclusive, though for simplicity we will use the eastern concept as it is the most widely known. I want to nip it in the bud now that kundalini is not referring to a being or force possessing you, it is pure energy that you are born with, and one can associate it as a divine connection within the soul itself that returns to source when we die.

We explored the chakra system last week which is important to understand as the kundalini energy rises through these energy centres within the body. The kundalini is believed to lay dormant within the base of the spine – the root chakra like a coiled serpent, hence its name and this is something within us all. This energy force is responsible for enlightenment or spiritual liberation. Depending on who you ask you will get a slightly different meaning behind it, but what stays the same is this is a primal energy force within the human body that once awakened, gives you a greater connection to the divine.

Having a kundalini awakening can occur through spiritual practice or life events and can feel overwhelming or ecstatic, frightening or blissful depending on if you are ready or aware of what is happening. As this energy moves through the chakra system when it awakens, it clears out blockages and releases emotional, physical and mental traumas and karma which can in turn be an uncomfortable process if you are not ready for it. If there are major blockages within the chakra system, the kundalini energy may not be able to flow freely and become blocked itself. This is partly why keeping the health of the chakras is so important especially when working with kundalini energy.

The most common description of the feeling of kundalini energy within the body is the feeling on an electric current running along the spine. Working to raise this energy is most often done through meditation, forms of breath work, mantras, tantric practices and yoga – specifically kundalini yoga which often incorporates all of the above.

Now you might be wondering what its importance is or if you must have this experience in order to become enlightened or move forward on your spiritual path and the short answer to that is no you do not, though awakening this energy within yourself holds profound experiences that will give you so much knowledge, peace and wisdom. Working with this energy is in fact working with the divine within you, if you are not sure if you have had this experience most who have will tell you that you will just know once it occurs because there is no explaining it. Honouring your body, mind and spirit are all acts of honouring the kundalini energy within you and through this service you will in turn, walk the path of your kundalini awakening.

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