“The Cosmos is within us, we are made of star stuff. We are a way for the universe to know it’s self”

~ Carl Sagan

Hi, I’m Elizabeth

Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Educator and Divine Feminine Coach

Tarot and Astrology as gateways to the soul…..

I am a deep believer in working with Tarot and Astrology not simply as a mainstream divination tool to predict the future as they are so much more than that. To me and when I am working with clients, my aim is to use Tarot, Oracle cards and the Astrological Chart as tools to look deeper into your psyche and understand the underlying energy that is situated within the subconscious mind and draw this knowledge forth to provide insights and assist in empowering you to make choices moving forward on your journey.

This style of reading works with the understanding of Archetypes and mythology and how they connect within both the collective and the individual in order to see what is truly happening within your soul, as such I am not the kind of reader to work with if you are seeking a simple yes or no question or to see if your ex is coming back. If you want deeply profound guidance and insight into your inner self and assistance to move forward with a sense of clarity and purpose then I encourage you to connect with me for a reading.

A Little about me…

I have always been a student of the mystical world, being introduced to the world of witchcraft at a young age from my aunts, aromathearpy and natural healing from my mother and a deeply transformative self study journey into the world of tarot, astrology and magic.

I always wanted to help others and share the passion I have for the mystical world so it was only natural that my own business would be born of this desire. I have a deep love for archetypal tarot and astrology and approaching the spiritual world from a deep psychological perspective with a flare for the mystical and mythological and I infuse this into every reading or coaching session I do with my clients.

I am a life – long student and always continuing to further my knowledge with new courses of study in order to provide the best version of myself and knowledge to my clients and community.

My mystical community…

My private community is a place where we connect amongst the mystical world and dive deeper into the self. Within this community I offer exclusive content such as guidance readings, in depth educational videos on tarot, astrology, mythology and the divine feminine as well as discounts, yoga sequences aligned with the moon, recipes and so much more. This community is extremely dear to my heart as they have supported my journey just as much as I support theirs and I make it a point to always provide content that is in alignment with what the community desires.